Barn Quilt

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Airdate (08/10/2019) #4606 OSU Campus Horticulturist, John Stephens, joins Casey to show us how to create a barn quilt. Questions? To find out more information about show topics as well as recipes, articles, videos, fact sheets and other resources, including the directory of local Extension Offices, be sure to visit our website. You can also find us on: Facebook: Twitter: @okgar...!
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Follow along as Meghan and Lynne make a basic Barn Quilt! Baker Nest Quilt books and paint kits are available at Two sizes of beautifully crafted blanks are available here: Fusion Mineral Paints are available here:!
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Learn how to make a barn quilt. The barn quilts in this tutorial are 2-feet square and 1-foot square. Theyre the perfect size to hang on a house, garage or shed. Half-inch plywood and high gloss paint were used to create this quilt. For a full supply list, visit!
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Hi Everyone! Today I am sharing how I made and painted a Barn Quilt for my bedroom wall. I love how it turned out. It was pretty simple to do, a completly enjoyable project. They would make perfect Christmas gifts for you farmhouse loving friends. Check out my blog listed below for more photos! Enjoy! Find Me Here: Blog: Instagram: Pinterest: Contact Me: thesuper...!
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This video will show you how I made this geometric wood wall art first time ☆☆ if you like this video Click here to Subscribe - Tools and supplies used- Minwax dark walnut stain : White chalk paint : Varathane Barn red stain; Varathane worn navy stain : Minwax golden oak stain : Table saw : Miter saw : ...!
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How to paint a pre-drawn barn quilt that you are proud to display! At GEM studios we have taught hundreds of people paint their own barn quilts that are now hanging across the United States!...!
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The great-grandfather from North Carolina encourages others his age to be daring. Want to see more Southern Living videos? Subscribe to our channel! - In 1966, Southern Living was created to highlight the beauty and culture of the growing South. In the decades since its inception, Southern Living, published monthly, has become one of the largest lifestyle magazines in the country. With characteristic Southern hospitality, Southern Living is committed to sharing the region ...!
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This is how we made a Barn Quilt with an International Harvester theme and then hung it up on the peak of Jays Barn. This barn quilt tutorial is made using Medium Density Overlay (MDO) Plywood painted with Oil-based enamel like Rust-Oleum. The techniques used to hang the barn are not the safest. Please use the correct equipment and personal protective equipment. Heres a great book on barn quilts: If you enjoyed this video I hope that you please Subscribe: https://go...!
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I managed to get away for a couple days with my family over the Fourth of July and we visited Shawano, Wisconsin, the Barn Quilt Capital of Wisconsin with nearly 350 barn quilts across the county. I have been traveling to Shawano since I was a little girl because my family owns a home on the lake there. So I show you some of the barn quilts decorating the farms across the county. Plus I give you some of my recommendations of places to visit once you are there. Click here to get the recipe fo...!
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This tutorial video is about Barn Quilts...!
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Today’s video is a high end DIY Indoor Wooden Barn Quilt made using dollar tree items. This piece would make a great addition to any farmhouse décor. I hope you enjoy this video and click that subscribe button so you can watch my upcoming videos each week. Thanks for watching....!
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Quilt patterns arent just for fabric, show your love of quilting in your decor!...!
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Welcome to The Faithful Farmer Momma and today is a field trip day to be crafty! Hi! Im Nikki Lynn, the Faithful Farmer Momma. For years, Ive wanted to learn to make a barn quilt and experience what it is like to actually make one. Join me as we (great friend of mine) head to the big city (OKC) to learn the very basics of barn quilting!  Links from video: The Craft Room FIND ME ON INSTAGRAM AND FB ht...!
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A couple of photos through the build of our custom barn quilt. Took us 2 months to make it, but only worked on it every sunday for about 2hrs. Complied on iMovie....!
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This is part I of a To Be Continued Project. The Pattern I chose is Ohio Star You can choose you own pattern or buy a Done-For-You barn quilt on Morning Star Barn Quilts Etsy Shop: Morning Star Barn Quilts:!
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Have you ever wanted to paint your own barn quilt? This DIY Barn Quilt Painting Kit by Sheila Sinclair Snyder of License to Quilt comes with the key things you need to get started! Sourcing the materials can be one of the biggest obstacles to painting your own barn quilt, which is why this kit comes with a pre-primed, marine-grade plywood square that measures 24” x 24”. Also included are four stainless steel screws, a sample foam brush, and downloadable instructions with design ideas to get...!
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This film tells the story of Barn Quilts in Kittitas County, Washington. Kittitas County is the first county in Washington State to have a Barn Quilt Trail....!
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If you travel the highways of northeast Iowa, youre bound to see quilts displayed in an unusual way — on barns! The barn quilt project has been a boon for economic development and tourism. Grundy County has developed a map of all the countys barn quilts. They also have created calendars and recipe books to sell to visitors. In Bremer County, farmers are proud of their agricultural roots, and barn quilts have been displayed on more than 40 barns....!
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You can check out Barbaras Etsy Shop here- Dont forget to use the coupon code AMANDA to get free shipping. Also take a peek at Dragonfly- _________________________________________________________ If you are interested, you can order from my Pampered Chef website anytime. Here is a link- _________________________________________________________ By the way, you can find more i...!
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Jordan Fabrics is a team of 15 people, including Matt, Donna, and their son James Jordan. We film, edit, cut, and sew everything you see right here in our Oregon workshop. Matt spends most of the day making very unique hand cut quilting kits, If you love sewing and quilting, but dont love the cutting, our fully pre-cut quilt and table runner kits are made for you! Visit to view our full inventory and learn more about our kits, fabrics and pre-cuts. Get the Farm Fresh kit here!...!
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This barn quilt tutorial is great for the beginner painter who needs to build some confidence in the craft. It’s a simple grid and beautiful pattern that anyone can master! Supplies needed: Paint Tape (frog tape preferably) Brushes Blow dryer Wood square Ruler or straightedge Pencil All rights reserved HoneybeeSVG and the Quilted Bee If you wish to purchase a barn quilt transfer pattern please visit my Etsy store at If you wish to follow me on Instagram you c...!
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There are more than more than 100 spread across the countys countryside and beyond....!
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Youd think that video import and editing were both solved problems in this modern world. What are/history of barn quilts:!
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Barn Quilt Squares were featured in season two of Scenic Stops, an original program on WBGU-TV in Bowling Green, Ohio. The hobby was started in Adams County Ohio in 2001 when Donna Sue Groves wanted to honor her mother who is a quilter, and hang a quilt square on their barn. Barn Quilt Squares is now in 46 states, as well as Canada, with over 60 barn quilts hanging in Hancock County alone. Barn quilting doesnt actually use fabric, but rather pain, and is a great way to brighten up any barn. WBGU...!
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Craft consultant Lauren Shields walk us through the history of the barn quilt and reveals the process behind the geometric design of Making Its own barn quilt. » Subscribe for More: » Stream Anytime: MAKING IT ON SOCIAL: Like Making It on Facebook: Follow Making It on Twitter: Follow Making It on Instagram: NBC’s new s...!
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Website: Lori Holt presents directions for making Block 5 of her Quilty Barn Along with Kimberly! Head to the Bee in My Bonnet Blog for the full instructions for block 5 and for more information about the full Quilty Barn Along quilt! Featuring: Lori Holt of Riley Blake Designs If there is anything you have a question about or would like to see...!
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This is a popular pattern that is easy to follow to learn how to draw a quilt square out for a Barn Quilt. These steps can be adapted to any pattern. Enjoy! www, Id love feedback also, positive or negative so I can make adjustments on any future videos....!
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This is a great classic barn quilt pattern that can be blocked out in so many ways! I am showing you how to make a random pattern Texas Star today. ** If you love my tutorial then please subscribe to my channel and click on the bell so you can be notified when I post new material. To purchase my Barn Quilt Transfers visit my Etsy store at Thank you so much! All rights reserved HoneybeeSVG and the Quilted Bee...!
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The Quilt Barn Trail of Washington County feature large hand-painted wood blocks that show off colorful artistic messages while connecting family farms to the local community....!
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Come paint a Barn Quilt Sign with me! Purchase your kit at: Want to make this sign yourself? Order a Glowforge using my referral link and save up to $500 off your Glowforge! Barn Quilt Design by: Welcome Home Custom Designs Follow us on Instagram:!
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Welcome to my channel! I make these beauties on the regular. All patterns and colors and theyre just really fun! Theyre SO EASY. All of you can make them! I am here if you have any questions! Find me on Facebook too! I will add some links to find me on other platforms below! My Facebook couponing group 👇🏼 My Facebook business page 👇🏼 My facebook Mameup group (lad...!
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Ive been wanting to make some Barn Quilts for a few months now, but finally found the time to do so. The only problem is, now I want to make one in EVERY COLOR! Havent ever seen a Barn Quilt? Come check it out! I promise, youll want to make one for yourself right away! As always, Thanks for watching! Subscribe and click on the notification bell so that you won’t miss any of my daily videos! ________________________________________________ Clean With Me Playlist:!
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Ashtabula County, Ohio, has a barn quilts trail with nearly 100 barn quilts. This 5-minute video explains what a barn quilt is, why they exist and where they are placed using examples from artsy, authentic, accessible, affordable Ashtabula County, Ohio....!
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Hi Everyone! Today I am sharing how I made and painted a Barn Quilt sign to hang in my kitchen. I am obsessed with these barn quilts lately and really enjoy making them. Enjoy! Find Me Here: Instagram: Blog: Pinterest: Contact Me: [email protected]!
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I built a barn quilt for a Christmas present and I wanted to capture the process from start to finish....!
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Here is a pallet wood mini barn quilt project I made for the Sterling Davis Pallet Up Cycle Challenge. His challenge helps raise money and awareness for the Make a Wish Foundation. This was a lot of fun and it got me back out into my woodshop. Hopefully more projects to come. Please Subscribe: Check out my Instagram:!
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Watch all three parts of Ricky Tims wonderful story presented at AccuQuilts 4th Annual Barn Quilt Unveiling Event in Omaha Neb. on June 7, 2013. A quilting crowd of hundreds witnesses the unveiling of the 2013 winning AccuQuilt barn quilt block design. The block was designed by Sue Hageman of Riley, Kansas and will be displayed as a 17-foot sign on the side of AccuQuilts Omaha headquarters. Wed love it if you stop in and see the winning AccuQuilt block in person! Visit AccuQuilt online at ‪htt...!
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Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims announce Top 10 finalists, including the grand prize winner and runner-up winner, of the 2013 AccuQuilt Barn Quilt Design Contest at the AQS Quiltweek-Paducah Show in Paducah, Kentucky. Grand Prize winner: Sue Hageman Runner Up Prize Winner: Lee Monroe Click here to learn more:!
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Today, I am finally bringing home the barn quilt that I ordered. In fact, I might even be bringing home more that one. Arent they beautiful!?! You can check out Barbaras Etsy Shop here- Dont forget to use the coupon code AMANDA to get free shipping. Also take a peek at Dragonfly- _________________________________________________________ If you are interested, you can order from my Pampered Chef website anytim...!
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Barn Quilt Kit - Nasco’s Barn Quilt TearPad™ - Barn quilting is making a comeback!...!

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