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As a kid playing in the hayloft of his parents’ dusty 80-year-old barn in Medina, Ohio, Andrew Towne never imagined that one day he would convert the space into a stunning modern home for himself and his then elementary school friend Crystal Madrilejos. But decades later, that’s exactly what happened. See how this family of four converted nan 80-year-old barn into a warm, cozy home with a one-of-a-kind exposed interior roof frame. See more barn conversion ideas on Houzz. https://www.houz...!
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It used to be just another old hay barn. It didn’t really have a purpose anymore. Then, in 2016, someone decided to make something out of it. More on!
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If you are about to convert an old barn into living accommodations, then this video is for you. We discuss some of the DOs and DONTs in regards to dealing with the dampness, ground salts and renovation issues. 00:01 Overview of a typical old farm building 01:45 Condition of floors 02:55 Walls - why ground salts can be a problem? 08:00 Technical salts measurements: how to assess the amount of salts 12:30 Conclusions 13:10 How to renovate correctly and what to avoid: correct and incorrect way of ...!
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A lot of times the most important part of a project is not the end result but the process itself, the idea behind it and the transformations that took place up until the final look. We usually see that a lot with makeover and conversion barn projects. https://...!
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Oakfield Barn | Biggin Hall Lane | Thurlaston | Nr. Rugby | Warwickshire | CV23 9LD Check out the photos, study the floorplan then walk the gravelled drive for inspection. You will not be disappointed: Please speak to me, Simon Hawkesley on 07563 389872 or email [email protected] Fine & Country Rugby 5 Regent Street Rugby Warwickshire CV21 2PE 01788 820062 [email protected] To boo...!
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Hi! Im glad that you have found my channel. Im starting this channel to show others that anyone can build and create things. Im a 18 year old student. Second episode of the barn series. In this episode I start on the walls. Framing with studs mostly 2x3s. The wall will later be filled with 25cm of cellulose insulation to give a good thermal efficiency. Anyways thanks for watching!...!
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The design strategies used when renovating or converting a space into something else are very diverse. In each case the focus is on something else and the strategies used to achieve the desired result are different from other projects. The Ancient Party Barn is a good example. More info at!
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Alfredo Vanotti wanted to recover the old barn his grandfather had built 100 years ago in his village’s now-abandoned town center. Working on a tight budget and mostly his, and his father’s, labor, he began to turn the former cow stable and hayloft into a modern classic home for himself and his daughter, and the garage into his home-studio. Alfredos stable-turned-home: On *faircompanies: https://faircompanies...!
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How much would it cost to turn a pole barn into a house? This was what we were wondering when we found ourselves moving to PA MUCH SOONER than we expected or were ready for!  We were moving to PA to take over the family farm. We listed our home in CT, expecting it to take a few months to sell, and during that time our family in PA was going to build a new home for themselves to move in, allowing us to move into the house already on the property. It was going to be a clean, easy transition. The...!
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We know where we want to visit this weekend! Designer Emily Griffin takes you inside her barn on her familys Balsam Lake property in the Kawarthas region. Adjacent to the designers 1970s Pan-Abode cottage inherited by her parents, the 1,600-square-foot barn-dorm is the ultimate hangout for teenagers and adults alike. Youll love the vintage pool table, distinct Canadiana style (think: antique ski and snowshoes hanging on the wall) and repurposed staircase from Emilys grandparents house. Plus, the...!
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Stabal-Penarth is a beautiful barn conversion in a historic setting near Pwllheli. Sleeps 8. Renovated to a high spec whilst retaining its original features.!
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Take a tour with Tommy of a Calgary barn conversion that would make anyone want to buy and live in a barn! Visit for more examples of stunning Canadian architecture....!
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Architect George Clarke lends his expertise to couple Adrian and Denise Nuttall, who have invested their money in a run-down garden centre and a 400-year-old barn and farmhouse in the Suffolk countryside. The pair plan to open a chilli farm, shop and restaurant on the site, but things take a drastic turn for the worse just one month into the project. To be the first to watch more full length documentaries, subscribe here:!
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Kevin McCloud meets young architect and shed fanatic Micah Jones, who plans to transform an old agricultural building in County Down, Northern Ireland. Kevin McCloud meets neurologists Penny Talelli and Mark Edwards, who plan to combine their love of old and contemporary architecture as they transform a . Kevin McCloud visits a house belonging to an engineer that resembles a giant snake. The building was inspired by an ammonite shell and has a scaly, curving . bath lodge on c4 restoration ...!
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Unconverted atcost Barn becoming a home. Following the whole build process from start to finish with yew tree construction and landscaping...!
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Nant, which means brook or spring in welsh and refers to the small brook that runs past this cottage, is a two bedroom self catering barn conversion in Dyffryn Ardudwy. Its difficult for me to be objective when describing Nant as its the larger of the two self catering cottages that we let out ourselves here on the farm. But I hope youll agree when I say theyre nicely furnished and decorated.!
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Winner of Best Conversion in the 2016 Homebuilding & Renovating Awards, this project highlights the incredible potential of barn conversions. Here, a group of poorly extended stone barns and stables have been transformed into a characterful family home, full of charm To see more of this project and other award-winning homes, visit:!
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Builders Bible A short series documenting the progression of a barn conversion, which im undertaking in 2018. All work is done using my van as a base, which i live in on site. Ive done plenty of plumbing but this is my first full barn conversion. Hope you enjoy folks....!
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conversion of old outbuildings and building an extension!
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For my mums friends......!
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Converted Barn Home. Beautiful! Wide-board pine floors, high ceilings, skylights, fireplace, & wood stoves. Convenient to Village of Warwick. To see out other unique homes for sale, and for more details on this unusual property visit!
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Hannahs sister, Leah had the idea of getting married on the family farm and have the reception in the working barn that was filled with hay 20 high. However, she did not anticipate the sheer amount of work that would be involved to make that dream come true. ► Previous Episode - If you enjoy our videos, here are some ways that you can help support us :) ! ↓ • Like, Comment and Share - Its one of the best and easiest ways to help! • Buy a T...!
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Episode 3 - A Modern Barn House - Barn Renovations - Barn Conversion - From An Old Barn Into A Home - Want to watch us make a fool of ourselves throughout our homesteading journey? Want to know more about the farm house that burned down last weekend? Watch the full story here. PLUS see Travs reaction to the barn break in and our next renovation project. So tell me, do you think Trav will be able to catch our milk cow? I crack up every time.......!
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Filmed by Spiral 9 Ltd - This multi award winning detached barn conversion completed in 2010, has been finished to a high specification with spacious accommodation on three levels. Five bedrooms, entrance and grand reception hall with featured staircase, two sitting rooms with high vaulted ceilings, exposed brickwork & beams, sunroom, large lawned garden and fenced fruit trees. The property A multi award winning Grade II Listed detached barn conversion completed in 20...!
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For more information please visit:!
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Once just an old barn, this lovely structure is now a welcoming getaway retreat for its owners and their extended family, a great place where they can spend vacations and holidays and go fishing, skiing or hiking. The conversion was done by studio Miller-Roodell Architects. The new barn-style home resulted from that is located in Sun Valley, in Idaho on a relatively flat piece of land with serene and beautiful views all around it.!
Channel Title : JDW Building and Conservation Views : 481 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2019-10-29T16:03:39Z
This is a video of The Warren, it is a JDW barn conversion nestled in the Herefordshire countryside. Together with Warren Benbow Architects we designed the conversion, constructed the building and all the interior design is JDW too! This video highlights the differences between the original barn and the fully converted building. The Warren Herefordshire is a barn conversion that fuses tradition and modern design. The main barn has been wrapped and encapsulated in a contemporary outer shell of...!
Channel Title : Tye Architects Views : 3293 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2013-03-08T16:45:44Z
We featured on The Grand Designs Show with The Long Barn’s conversion design catching the attention of viewers around the world design. The Long Barn started life as a derelict farm building and is now a multi awarding winning home that doubles are our HQ here at tye architects. Nicolas Tye Architects are multi-award winning architects from Bedfordshire. We work around the globe creating architecture that is energy efficient, innovative and imaginative. Read more about the conversion here...!
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By re-purposing an old dairy farm, Shacklewell Barns have been sensitively restored and enhanced to create an exclusive collection of truly unique and exceptionally constructed homes with outstanding views that connect with the neighbouring fields and countryside. Built on the edge of Empingham village within a few minutes reach of Rutland Water and equidistant to the market towns of Stamford and Oakham being just 5 miles away, Shacklewell Barns are ideally located to enjoy the very best of tow...!
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Channel Title : Eamon Walsh DIY Views : 62299 DisLikes : 79 Published Date :2015-11-25T17:35:53Z
The video shows an old Irish cottage and barn being converted and extended into a modern home. The pictures are taken over a one year period ( the length of time the project took me ) and show the process from start to finish from different sides. Thanks for looking....!
Channel Title : Scroxton & Partners Views : 30 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2020-07-23T16:01:26Z - Scroxton & Partners are Planners, Architects and Builders. In this weeks Permitted Development video, Managing Director, Neil Scroxton discusses the change of use from an existing agricultural barn to a house and what rights you have under Part Q....!
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Hi everyone! In this video I build this luxury converted barn.This beautiful house has a modern interior whilst maintaining its rural charm. Hope you enjoy the build!...!
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Our founder, Nicolas Tye talks about his journey through the world of property development and the award winning barn conversion that’s now our headquarters as well as his family home. For more information on this project and many others, go to our website.!
Channel Title : The Restoration Couple Views : 19480 DisLikes : 19 Published Date :2019-04-14T19:59:04Z
For my first venture out on the road to see more of what our Subscribers are up to, I headed down to Devon to visit Pat and Annas ongoing barn conversion. The Class Q building and the adjoining barn are both undergoing extensive work to create super efficient off grid homes on the family’s working farm. I visited as the roofing was being installed and as Pat prepares to take on the project management of the remaining work. Thanks to Pat and Anna for inviting me to see their build. I hope to ...!
Channel Title : Communion Architects Views : 7457 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2014-03-07T08:05:36Z
Award Winning Barn Conservation by Communion Architects in Hereford. A barn dating from the 17th century with inspiring views over the Herefordshire countryside was suffering from a lack of recent maintenance that meant it was in a very poor – and potentially dangerous – state of repair. Our design-conscious clients wished to transform the barn into a contemporary open plan and sustainable home using the skills ...!
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An example of how a CLA member successfully converted redundant farm buildings into residential and business properties....!
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Global Property Systems Real Estate 56 Lafayette Avenue, Suite 320, White Plains, NY 10603 Buyers: 845-848-2218 | Sales: 845-680-6207 Commercial Services: 845-848-2218 x 3 | Fax: 845-613-7223!
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A DELIGHTFUL COUNTRY RESIDENCE IN WHICH TO RELAX AND ENTERTAIN Bacchus Barn is situated in an idyllic, tranquil setting in rural Suffolk with wonderful open views of the countryside. As a conversion of an historic brick and flint threshing barn, it has been superbly extended to the fine country residence it is today, offering substantial accommodation and high quality fittings. The property comprises five bedrooms, two en-suite shower rooms and a family bathroom, three delightful reception room...!
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in this vid i sand blast and clear the barn and start on the drylining...!
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Beautiful Barn Conversion On The Outskirts of Dolgellau.!
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Pouring the floor slab for a barn conversion. 10mm Steel reinforcement, 2x layers at 50mm & 165mm.... Double layer top and bottom 1m all round (4 layers of steel) C28/35 Mix at 250mm slab thickness. 33m³ Total of concrete pumped in....!
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By Holland and Green Designers of Exceptional House Extensions, Refurbishments, New Builds and Barn Conversions in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey and London. Creating Wonderful Living Spaces...!
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