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These ideas are meant for low volume, low weight but high calorie food while on the trail. Ways to support the channel Patreon: PayPal: Clothing, Mugs, and Stickers: ********************************** Gear I use and recommend Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer: Outdoor Research Helium 2: Toaks Titanium...!
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00:27 Cooking (Pros and Cons) 01:27 Cooking Options 02:51 No-Cook Options 03:08 Cold Soaking 04:07 How Much Food to Bring 05:31 Food Storage 05:41 Bear Bag 07:32 Bear Canister 08:02 Ursack 08:42 Where to keep you food in the desert 10:13 Stoves 10:18 Fuel Canister Stoves 11:32 Alcohol Stoves 13:19 Wood Burning Stoves 14:33 Food Pot 16:46 Spoons and Sporks 17:38 Cups 18:29 Washing the Dishes Other Videos to Watch: Food On ...!
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What I eat in a day backpacking // Quick and Simple Backpacking Food Good backpacking food doesn’t have to be expensive! This video will show you how to pack simple backpacking food that’s cheap and tastes great. The hike I went on in this video was intense, so I ate a HUGE high-calorie dinner. These are some of my best meals for backpacking - they’re calorie dense, easy to find in the grocery store, cheap, and don’t require a dehydrator. Pack up and enjoy! As I mentioned in the vide...!
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** PLEASE NOTE: do not open the chicken packets before you intend to use them, they will not keep once the packet has been opened. ** Lets talk about do-it-yourself backpacking meals! In this video I talk about why I decided to put together my own meals for my Northville Placid Trail thru-hike! I hope you learn something new from this video, and Im really excited to share my Northville-Placid Trail thru-hike with you all -- make sure you check back every Wednesday throughout August and Septem...!
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Choosing the right backpacking food to bring on a trip is one of the most important decisions to make. Backpacking takes a lot of energy, and youll need plenty of calories and nutrients to stay fueled out there. On top of that, a good meal can sometimes be a much needed morale boost after a challenging day on the trail. In this video, we go through what we think are some of the best backpacking food options to give you an enjoyable, worry-free experience when youre backpacking. These foods will...!
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Are you a member of the rapidly growing ultralight backpacking community? You’ve probably researched gear for hours and hours BUT have you given that much thought to the food you’re carrying? In this video, Aaron shares 7 features of ultralight backpacking food to keep in mind while preparing for your next adventure. Aaron has packed 35,000 calories in a bear can by keeping these features in mind. You, too, can reduce your food weight while maximizing nutrition. If you’re new to our chan...!
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00:00 Hey Yall 00:11 What I mean by Backpacking Meal 02:11 What I look for in a Backpacking Meal 03:36 Mountain House Biscuits and Gravy 04:28 Packit Gourmet Polenta With Pork Sausage 05:10 Mountain House Spaghetti With Meat Sauce 05:37 Packit Gourmet Texas State Fair Chili 06:18 You have to click to find out! (jk its Mountain House Lasagna) 07:09 Other Brands in Consideration 09:10 See Yall Next Time! Links for Meals: Biscuits & Gravy: Polenta w/ Pork Sausage: https://...!
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Make your own backpacking meals with items from the grocery, no dehydrating!...!
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In this backpacking tip, Eric Hanson explains how to prepare for a 3 day backpacking trip. Starting with a trip to the grocery store, Eric shows you some of his favorite meals and snacks before loading everything into his pack and heading off to Coyote Gulch in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. _______________________________________________________________ SUBSCRIBE to BackpackingTV: _______________________________________________________________ ...!
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Three super easy (just boil water) and cheap (under $1.50) backpacking meals. Freeze dried meals like Mountain House can cost around $10. That can add up quickly. Dehydrating food at home can be complicated. In this video, I show you my 3 favorite easy and cheap backpacking meals. Follow Midwest Backpacker on Facebook at Follow Midwest Backpacker on Instagram - midwest_backpacker...!
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WHAT FOOD IM EATING ON A BACKPACKING TRIP // In this video I show you some of my go-to backpacker meal ideas and everything I packed on this 3-night, 4-day backpacking trip - including breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner! ➡️ F R E E C O O K B O O K My favorite EASY backpacking recipes - oatmeal, granola, and more! DOWNLOAD HERE: ———— ☀️ R E L A T E D V I D E O S 11 Hiking Snack Ideas: Best Reu...!
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See our exact brand and product recommendations at the link below: Backpacking food is always a trade-off between weight and space versus calorie density. Every ounce of weight you carry matters especially on difficult hikes. Because of that, it’s important to carry lightweight foods that satisfy your physical needs and your tastes. The other major consideration is preparation and cleaning time. Foods that require a lot...!
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In this video, Im telling you about all the wonderful ways you can save money by shopping for your backpacking meals at your local grocery store! Buying dehydrated backpacking meals at REI can add up fast, so Im telling you about some of my go-to breakfast, lunch and dinner meals that I often get on the cheap at the grocery store. SUBSCRIBE to BackpackingTV: _________________________ FOLLOW ME Facebook: Instagra...!
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Taking a lot of food with us to Colorado... Mountain House Food Were Bringing Second Part - Gear First part - Trip Overview Music: Instagram: Gear: DSLR: Go Pro: Little Tripod: ...!
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Backpacking food doesnt have to be expensive! Even though options like mountain house etc taste awesome - they can be pricey. In this video we go through our favorite budget food items SBO Merch is here! Check us out on instagram for more fun Music:!
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01:15 Alpine Pasta 03:40 Taco Ramen 06:06 Trail Shepherd’s Pie Backpacking Food Overview: My Favorite Pre-made Backpacking Meals: Dehydrated Meat: Pot Cozy: CDT Gear List: PCT Gear Lists: Desert - Sierra Nevada - https://l...!
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Best Backpacking Food Guide: Best Freeze Dried Backpacking Meals: Backpacking Meal Recipes: 10 Best Backpacking Stoves: 10 Best Hiking Shoes & Boots: 10 Best Back...!
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Here are some examples of some cheap backpacking food that I had in my supplies. I also recommend some dried fruit, jerky, spam singles, coffee singles, packages chicken singles, soup mixes, etc....!
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Stuff I Mention in this Video: Hilltop Packs Food Bag - Zpacks Bear Bag Kit - PCT Hang Video - BV450 - BV500 - OP Sak - Ursack Major - How I Pack My Gear - 2020 AT Gear List -!
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The ultimate step-by-step guide to dehydrating food for backpacking! This video will show you exactly how to dehydrate your own backpacking food including: cooking, loading the dehydrator, packaging, and more! SUBSCRIBE to my channel here (its free!): ► Get delicious backpacking breakfast recipes... oatmeal, granola, and more! DOWNLOAD MY FREE BACKPACKERS COOKBOOK HERE: ► ITEMS MENTIONED: ◦ COSORI Food Dehydrator: ht...!
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BACKPACKING LUNCH IDEAS - When it comes to backpacking lunches, you want something that’s quick, delicious, and no-cook, right? NOTE: The FDA states two hours as the window in which it’s safe to leave perishable foods at room temperature.* I’ve personally never had any problems carrying cheddar cheese on shorter backpacking trips, but I want you to know the risks so you can make the decision on whether or not you want to carry it. (*Source: The ba...!
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***Foods Mentioned In This Video*** Trail Butter: ProBar: Bobo’s Bar: RX Bar: Emergen - C: Amazing Grass Green Superfood Powder: Complete Cookie: ***Sponsored Foods Used During PCT Thru-Hike/Featured*** Alpine Start Coffee: Green B...!
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5 Day Backpacking Meal Plan from the Appalachain Trail. 3,500 calories and under 2 lbs of food per day. Aim for food that is lightweight, easy to prepare and high in nutrition. Also see: a) List of Backpacking Food Ideas: b) List of Simple Backpacking Meal Recipes: The Basic Breakdown... 1. BREAKFAST: Cookie Mix + Oats + Milk + Coffee 2. SNACKS: Seaweed, Trail Mix, Gatorade, Cracker...!
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My favorite backpacking foods: Tuna Casserole, Pancakes, Pork & Mashed Potatoes & Gray, Turkey Dinner, Fajitas. A great alternative to dehydrated meals....!
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Aaron Owens Mayhew, a registered dietitian, and ultralight long-distance hiker, shares an overview of how the weight, cost and nutrition content of trail food varies between three different styles of thru-hiker diets. Note: percentage values may include rounding errors Want to get your hands on over 75 ultralight recipes and backpacking meal planning resources? Get 20% off our Ultralight Recipes & Meal Planning Service. UPDATE (10/3/19): Aaron and he...!
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Tired of spending loads of $$$ on freeze-dried backpacking meals that you dont even like?!? In this video, Aaron provides 5 reasons to ditch those freeze-dried meals and give homemade backpacking food a try. Interested in a Dirty Rice recipe? Click here: Better yet, try our Brownie Batter Hummus recipe. Its AMAZING!! Click here: ...!
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Im stuffing my face with over 126,000 calories so that I can give you the best damn food advice ever (when it comes to backpacking meals, that is). In this video, I have the whole line up from Good To-Go backpacking meals, and Im doing a taste test to let you know which ones were my favorite. SPECIAL THANKS to Good To-Go for sending all these amazing meals! _________________________ SUBSCRIBE to BackpackingTV: ________________...!
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The last thing you want when you’re miles away from the trailhead is for a bear or some other animal to make off will all your food, so it’s important to store food and smelly items properly. In this video, Miranda shows the two most common methods for handling food in the backcountry: using a bear canister or sack and hanging a food bag. Check out the video, and to learn more read our article: -------------------------------...!
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I love a good meal on the trail. I have had several comments asking I talk more about my cook kit and how I cook meals in the backcountry kitchen. In this video I show you how I cook my food on the trail while backpacking. This ultralight cook kit is perfect for cooking a wide variety of meals. Let me know what you think! The Gear: Evernew Pasta Pot- Soto Windmaster- Humangear Duo Spoon/Fork- Snow Peak Hot Lips- https://a...!
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Backpacking Dinner Recipes - 5 Meal Ideas This is the fourth video in a four part series talking about what I eat on the trail. In this video I give you 5 backpacking dinner recipes to give you some ideas for your next thru hike or ultralight backpacking trip. Be sure to subscribe so you catch all of the videos in the series Food items mentioned in this video: Paleo Meals to go Caldera Chicken Curry - Wi...!
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There can only be one, and this is it. The best meal backpacking has ever seen. THE BACKPACKING GEAR I USE: If you would like to get access to content I create about this type of stuff I dont share anywhere else join me on my Patreon! If youd like more info about me,my hiking, or painting:!
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Here are five of my favorite backpacking meal recipes. No dehydrators necessary. All ingredients should be pretty easy to source. Hopefully all of them taste pretty good as well! Keep in mind these are all: ✔️ One-pot meals ✔️ Ready in 15 minutes or less ✔️ 5 ingredients or less ✔️ 600-700 calories --RECIPES-- I. Chili Mac (00:42) Ingredients: dried beans, instant macaroni, cheddar cheese, and chili powder 1. Boil water (2:1 ratio) 2. Add beans (10 minutes) 3. Add noodles (5 ...!
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The infamous Ramen Bomb Review: its all the rage in the backpacking community, but is the Ramen Bomb really any good? ↢↤↢↤ GET THE INGREDIENTS ↦↣↦↣ (affiliate links below) Idahoan Mashed Taters: Spam: Ramen: OR Use This Smart List: __________________________________ If youve spent any amount of time in the backpacking community youve likely heard of the Ramen Bomb. The question is: is it all...!
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Here are all the things that I ate on my 4 day 3 night Rogue River Trail backpacking trip. For more hiking and backpacking information click here: Things mentioned in this video: -Good To Go meals: -Natures Path oatmeal packets: -Starbucks Via instant coffee: -Redd Bars save 15% when you use the code HIKEOREGON: -Outdoor Herbivore Pinhoti Pinto Queso: ht...!
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My husband and I are doing a 6 day 5 night backpacking trip in Glacier National Park. This is an overview of what I will be taking for food for 6 days. The total weight for my food including bag was 7.6 lbs. My first day of food which wasnt included in the bag weighed 1.2 lbs for a total of 8.8 lbs. #backpackingfood #glaciernationalpark #hikingfood...!
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Here is some of the food I bring on my backpacking trips. Quick easy stuff that works for me. There are a ton of possibilities here. You will have to do your own experimenting to figure out what food is best for you. Ways to support the channel Patreon: Clothing, Mugs, and Stickers: ********************************** Gear I use and recommend Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer: https://amz...!
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We go on a shopping trip to Walmart and Gander Mountain to pick up food for the trail. I share how I go about walking up and down the aisles making choices for my next trip. Aside from the Packit Gourmet, Mountain House and Backpacker Pantry meals there are many a good meal to be created with a little creativity and thought from inexpensive shelf stable choices. Join along as we develop some meals for the trail. Leave your favorite backpacking meals below or on FaceBook at https://www.facebook....!
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So, you think you’ve perfected your backpacking instant ramen noodle recipe?!? Aaron challenges you by sharing her favorite ultralight Garlic Parmesan Ramen recipe. It’s so good that she even eats it at home for dinner. Be sure to stay until the end as Aaron shares time saving, cost-saving, and food safety tips. Youll likely agree that instant ramen noodles are inexpensive, easy to prepare and lets face it...they taste good. However, should backpackers be wary of ramen noodles? Check out A...!
Channel Title : Schill Brothers Outdoors Views : 5340 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2020-05-27T22:30:02Z
Were finally heading back into the backcountry for an extended period of time! This video goes through our entire food loadouts for seven days in the woods. Everything is included here - breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and beverages. We cannot wait to get back out there! Some of our recipes: Trail Burritos Buffalo Chicken Hungarian Goulash Shephards Pie ht...!
Channel Title : TACTICAL Views : 17745 DisLikes : 10 Published Date :2019-07-17T07:11:18Z
Freeze-dried foods are a great and delicious way to keep your bellies full while out on the trail. Thinking of packing some freeze-dried foods for your next backpacking, camping or hiking trip? We’ve got you covered! In this video, we review 5 of the best and most popular freeze-dried foods to stockpile for every outdoor adventure (and for SHTF, too). Links to the products mentioned: Peak Refuel Breakfast Skillet- Mt House Chili Mac With Beef -!
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No dehydrator? No problem! Here’s an easy-prep, minimal waste, plant-based meal plan that can be adapted for more days – or varied diets – on the trail. I’ll show you how to pack and make three full meals: Trail Mix Oatmeal, Peanut Noodles, and Couscous with Lentils. Let’s cook! Disclaimer: I am not a chef, a cook, or a nutritionist. I just like food. Eat at your own risk. My stove: My bowl:!
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Heres an updated version of my 2017 Appalachian Trail meal plan. Try to keep your backpacking food lightweight, high in nutrition, easy to prepare (no-cook or one-pot meals), and tasty! MEAL PLAN BREAKDOWN: 1. Breakfast (2:10) 2. Snacks (3:17) 3. Lunch (4:10) 4. Dinner (4:33) 5. After Dinner (5:15) PRODUCTS MENTIONED AND SHOWN IN THIS VIDEO: * Greenbelly Meals ( * MSR MugMate Coffee/Tea Filter ( * Barneys Almond Butter ( * ...!
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Great backpacking food can be one of the most enjoyable parts of a day on the trail. After a long day of hiking and adventure, few things could sound better than a warm, freshly baked treat. Maybe youre a morning person - no problem, biscuits are also on the menu. In this video, well show you how to add baking to your list of backpacking skills. Its easier than you might think, and it requires almost no additional gear or cleanup. Check it out, give it a try, and let us know what unique backpac...!

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