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As Audrey Hepburn’s birthday is just past, we figured it was high time we paid our respects to one of Hollywood’s most endearing sweethearts. Here, we’ve gathered up some of the things you might not know about her, from what her life was like during the Second World War to how she persevered to become a mother. She was a legend, a hero, and a knockout; this is All About Audrey Hepburn. Learn about the BIGGEST of everything Monday, Wednesday, and Friday just subscribe! 7. Leading Men It...!
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STREAM THE MOVIE: SONG AT THE END: NEXT VIDEO: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Holly (Audrey Hepburn) meets Paul ( Fred Baby :) ) for the first time in Breakfast at Tiffanys. My Favorite part in this one is when she is brushing her teeth, shoe was in the plant, and woke up in a tuxedo shirt! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ...!
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Audrey Hepburn was one of movies best-loved stars, blessed with beauty, talent, an elegant sophistication, and an enduring aura of youthful innocence. Subscribe for more Hollywood biographies and stories! As Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF, she spoke for the world’s suffering children and families, earning an affection and admiration that only increased with news of her untimely death. From the star herself we learn of her career, and the family and frien...!
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Top 10 Most Iconic Audrey Hepburn & Givenchy Looks // Subscribe: The relationship between Audrey Hepburn and Hubert de Givenchy is certainly a special one. Once they met on the set of Sabrina, the two became inseparable. Over the years, Givenchy styled his muse in the most beautiful outfits. We wanted to look back at the iconic outfits worn by the stunning Hepburn, styled and or designed by Hubert de Givenchy. MsMojos Social Media: Facebook...!
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WELCOME TO GABMAS!! Donate to UNICEF: a video is posted every 3 days! #GABMASPRESENT DONATE: -AUTISM SPEAKS!
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Audrey is back in a new commercial for Dove Chocolate in CGI form (Computer Generated Imagery). Dove had hired visual effects studio, Framestore to work on the CGI. It took over a year of work before the 60 seconds of commercial was complete! Learn how they did it by following the below link!!
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Audrey Hepburn haircut scene in Roman Holiday...!
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Nick Name: Audrey Birthday: May 4, 1929 Nationality: British Also Known As: Edda Van Heemstra, Audrey Kathleen Ruston, Audrey Kathleen Hepburn-Ruston, Edda Van Heemstra Hepburn Ruston Sun Sign: Taurus Died At Age: 63 Born In: Ixelles Famous As: Film Actress Spouse/Ex-: Andrea Dotti, Mel Ferrer, Robert Wolders Father: Joseph Victor Anthony Ruston Mother: Ella Van Heemstra Siblings: Arnoud Robert Alexander Quarles Van Ufford, Ian Edgar Bruce Quarles Van Ufford Children: Luca Dotti, Sean Hepburn Fe...!
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The British actress Audrey Hepburn speaking in english, french, spanish, italian and dutch. La actriz británica Audrey Hepburn hablando en inglés, francés, español, italiano y holandés. A atriz britânica Audrey Hepburn falando em inglês, francês, espanhol, italiano e holandês....!
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War and peace 1956...!
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In Loving Memorie of Audrey Hepburn , Here is my Edition of the unforgatable Song ,, Moon River by Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at tiffanys Like and Subscribe if you like it And comment bellow one quote you like by Audrey :) -------------- Copy Rights to : the Scene Ritas!
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Provided to YouTube by Rise Records If Im James Dean, Youre Audrey Hepburn · Sleeping With Sirens With Ears To See And Eyes To Hear ℗ 2010 Rise Records Composer: Brandon McMasters Composer: Gabe Barham Composer: Jack Fowler Composer: Jesse Lawson Composer: Justin Hills Composer: Kellin Bostwick Auto-generated by YouTube....!
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Filme biografia lançado em 2000, conta a vida de Audrey Hepburn de sua infância até o fim das gravações do filme que a consagrou, Breakfast at Tifannys. Protagonizado por Jennifer Love Hewitt. Facebook Page: Audrey Kathleen Hepburn - Tribute to an Angel...!
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15 Things You Didnt Know About Audrey Hepburn | SUBSCRIBE to ALUX: 10 Sex Symbols of the 50s & 60s: 15 Things About 20ᵗʰ CENTURY FOX: In this video well try to answer the following questions: Who is Audrey Hepburn? How did Audrey Hepburn got famous? How rich was Audrey Hepburn? Did Audrey Hepburn had any kids? Who was Aud...!
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For Best Costume Design...!
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Charade (1963) full movie | COMEDY | classic movie | AUDREY HEPBURN | mystery movie | classic cinema | Romance and suspense ensue in Paris as a woman is pursued by several men who want a fortune her murdered husband had stolen. Whom can she trust? ❤️SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL: 🎬WATCH BEST CLASSIC COMEDIES: 🎬WATCH BEST CLASSIC MOVIES:!
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La Vie en Rose - Audrey Hepburn...!
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Breakfast at Tiffanys movie clips: BUY THE MOVIE: Dont miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: CLIP DESCRIPTION: Fred (George Peppard) hears Holly (Audrey Hepburn) singing on the fire escape below his apartment and goes out to listen. FILM DESCRIPTION: In an idealized New York City during the early 60s, Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) is a charming socialite with a youthful zest for life who lives alone in a nearly bare apartment. She has...!
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Hello Lovelies, Today I will be discussing Audrey Hepburns Diet. Audrey Hepburn is an icon. She was a gifted oscar-winning actress and philanthropist. She also inspired women with her signature and timeless style. She was also famous for her notoriously thin figure, which had been the subject of eating disorder accusations over the years. But as People reports in this weeks cover story, these rumors were never true. Hepburn was never even partial to dieting. She loved Italian food and pasta. Sh...!
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I Could Have Danced All Night – Performed by Audrey Hepburn (dubbed by Marni Nixon), Mona Washbourne and Chorus, from the musical film My fair Lady” (1964). The song is sung by the musicals heroine, Eliza Doolittle (Audrey), expressing her exhilaration and excitement after an impromptu dance with her tutor Henry Higgins (Rex Harrison) in the small hours of the morning....!
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Watch the 1963 Hollywood classic movie, Charade. Romance and suspense ensue in Paris as a woman is pursued by several men who want a fortune her murdered husband had stolen. Whom can she trust? Movie Name: Charade Stars: Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Walter Matthau Director: Stanley Donen...!
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오랜만에 인사드립니다! 개인적으로 바쁜 일들이 있어서 업로드가 많이 늦어졌네요 T.T 오늘은 언젠가 꼭 다뤄보고 싶었던 20세기 최고의 미녀배우 오드리 헵번의 이야기입니다. 어린 시절부터 전쟁 난민, 화려했던 40년의 배우 인생, 그리고 유니세프 대사로 활동하기까지. 나름 심혈을 기울여 만들어보았으니 즐겁게 시청해주시고, 응원 부탁드릴게요♡ ============================...!
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The essence of chic and a beautiful woman, Audrey Hepburn bought a certain ‘magic’ quality to the screen. Synonymous with big sunglasses and the little black dress, many are unaware of the hardships she endured in Nazi-occupied Holland while growing up. Starring in classic movies such as ‘Sabrina’, ‘My Fair Lady’, and of course, ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, Audrey Hepburn brought effortless style and grace to the silver screen....!
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Audrey Hepburn interviewed in Brussels by Selim Sasson for her new film The Nuns Story, 1959. @rareaudreyhepburn instagram @rareaudrey twitter...!
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Audrey Hepburn - Discovering Audrey Hepburn....!
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If youre new, Subscribe! → Audrey Hepburn is an international icon. One of the most celebrated actresses of all time, Hepburn was also a humanitarian who was known for her generous spirit. While she passed away in 1993, her legacy lives on today especially through her granddaughter, Emma Kathleen Hepburn Ferrer. Ferrers modeling career caught fire in 2014, when she covered the September issue for Harpers Bazaar which had the starlet signing a modeling con...!
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This video details the death of actress Audrey Hepburn!...!
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Shop the Tasty kitchenware collection here: Check us out on Facebook! - Credits: MUSIC Licensed via Audio Network SFX Provided By AudioBlocks ( Getty Video Name: GIF - Mel Ferrer buttons up his coat around his wife Audrey Hepburn by Michael Ochs Archives 1963 Sneaky woman (Audrey Hepburn) clumsily follows man (Cary Grant) through city streets by Silverwell Films MS Window di...!
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Thanks Everlane for sponsoring this video and gifting a few of these pieces! Gifted items starred (*) below. #ad #everlane #fashion // Everything linked below! // Subscribe for more videos like this! OOTW: I Let Audrey Hepburn Style Me For A Week (& Still Looked Modern) x Everlane When you shop some of these items, you are supporting this channel by using affiliate links. Thank you for supporting this channel! 1:10 // Monday * Sweater, Everlane, Black, X...!
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Whether youre wearing a black turtleneck or opera gloves, the iconic stars signature look is the ultimate source of inspiration. SUBSCRIBE to Marie Claire: More Than a Pretty Face. Find out whats new in the world of fashion, beauty, music, movies, politics, relationships, health, celebs, and style....!
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Golden age Hollywood glamor beauty queens tribute. The most striking beautiful pictures of a legendary Hollywood icon and gifted charismatic actress....!
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Audrey Hepburn winning the Best Actress Oscar® for her performance in Roman Holiday at the 26th Annual Academy Awards® in 1954. Presented by Donald OConnor and Gary Cooper....!
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Sam Roffe, president of a multi-national pharmaceutical corporation, is killed while mountain-climbing. It is first determined to be an accident, but Inspector Max Hormung later deduces that Roffe was murdered. Sams daughter Elizabeth assumes control of the company, and while traveling through Europe she immediately becomes a target as well. Suspicion falls on the Roffe cousins, all of whom want to go public with the company and sell their stock at a huge profit. Since this would be against her ...!
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Din seria “în ce ne mai costumăm astăzi ca să facem absolut NIMIC prin casă” SAU “continuare-la-clipurile-cu designeri-ori-personalități”, am decis să purced într-o nouă aventură youtubeistică și să vă povestesc despre o simpatică și-o deosebită (pe care și voi ați solicitat-o!), despre Audrey Hepburn 😀 Ca-ntr-un fel de biografie, ca-ntr-un fel de documentar, ca un fel de combinație între clipurile cu style icons + cele cu designeri = love, debutăm astăzi seria...!
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RECREATING AUDREY HEPBURN’S OUTFITS | Today I’ve partnered with Lilysilk to recreate some classic outfits of Audrey Hepburn, featuring some of their beautiful silk pieces. You can get 12% off everything at Lilysilk using the code “mademoiselle12”: BLOG: INSTAGRAM: PINTEREST: EMAIL: [email protected] SHOP MY EVERLANE EDIT:!
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A young Audrey Hepburn, who had trained as a ballet dancer from childhood, played Valentina Corteses younger sister in this 1952 film. Here are all three scenes where she dances in the film....!
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War and Peace movie clips: BUY THE MOVIE: Dont miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: CLIP DESCRIPTION: Prince Andrei (Mel Ferrer) expresses his interest in Natasha (Audrey Hepburn) at a formal dance. FILM DESCRIPTION: War and Peace is a commendable attempt to boil down Tolstoys long, difficult novel into 208 minutes screen time. In recreating the the social and personal upheavals attending Napoleons 1812 invasion of Russia, $6 million was s...!
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Audrey Hepburn est une actrice britannique, née Edda (ou Audrey1) Kathleen Ruston le 4 mai 1929 dans la commune dIxelles de la région de Bruxelles-Capitale en Belgique et morte le 20 janvier 1993 à Tolochenaz en Suisse. Se destinant initialement à la danse avant de rejoindre la scène à la fin des années 1940, le succès de la pièce Gigi (1951) sur Broadway lui ouvre les portes du cinéma ; dès 1953, Vacances romaines lui vaut lOscar de la meilleure actrice. Étoile de Hollywood dans l...!
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Dad is wary of spending too much on a wedding dress but after seeing his little girl in a simple and beautiful gown all money woes go out the window. Catch Say Yes to the Dress on TLC - Sky 133, Virgin 162, BT TV 323...!
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Edited by Laura - Made for Fun, not Profit **Program Used: Sony Vegas 13 •• Watch in 720p •• Follow me on Twitter @ DESCRIPTION // A tribute to the film career of the elegant, graceful and immortal Audrey Hepburn (1929-1993). // AUDREY HEPBURN FILMS FEATURED\ Secret People (1952) Roman Holiday (1953) Sabrina (1954) War and Peace (1956) Funny Face (1957) Love in the Afternoon (1957) Green Mansions (1959) The Nuns Story (1959) The Unforgiven (1960) ...!

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