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Check out all the places seen in this video: Southeast Asia is a group of diverse countries between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, featuring indigenous cultures influenced by Indian, Chinese and Western culture. It has long been a favorite corner of the world for globe-tramping backpackers, known for its perfect beaches, tasty cuisine and low prices. The region represents a totally different culture for Western travelers....!
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Check out all the places seen in this video: The largest continent on Earth, Asia stretches all the way from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea to the Pacific Ocean. Its vast landmass encompasses everything from epic mountain ranges such as the Himalayas to the dry and desolate Arabian and Gobi deserts. Steamy jungle can also be found in Southeast Asia, as well as paradise islands and beautiful beaches. In addition to its colossal size...!
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How do you travel Southeast Asia on $500 a month? I tell you how to travel in Asia on a budget. I spent 4 months in Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam, and I learned a few things about traveling cheaply. If you want to travel around Southeast Asia for longer, spend less money, and have more fun, then watch this video. $500 a month will get you by. At $1000 a month, you can live like a king if you do it right. Southeast Asia is cheap, but you can spend a lot if you dont budget...!
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🌏 THE BACKPACKERS GUIDE TO SOUTHEAST ASIA EBOOK ➟ 📍Everything you need to know if you are going to backpack Southeast Asia ➟ Instagram: ➟ Blog for more on Southeast Asia: ➟ Twitter: ➟ Snapchat - jonxmia Travel book we used; Backpack we used; TIMES FOR THE TOPICS: 5:08 Route Overview 5:42 The Budget 7:29 Accom...!
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After traveling Southeast Asia for 3 years, this is my top 10 list of the best travel destinations from Thailand, Philippines, Bali Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and more. Thailand Guide (FREE): Philippines Guide (FREE): Bali Guide (FREE): Lost Merch and Travel Guides: Other Southeast Asia videos - Top 10 ...!
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Travel video about destination South East Asia. South East Asia is a fascinating, atmospheric and exotic world full of unspoiled nature and cultural treasures and a region in which both past and present live side by side and unite in a wonderful way. Myanmar, The Land Of Golden Pagodas: for decades the rulers of what was once known as Burma closed the country’s doors to the outside world and many of its fine religious sanctuaries were badly neglected but they have now gradually been given the...!
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50 Things to do in Southeast Asia Travel Guide, Attractions and Asian Cuisine travel video playlist: GEAR WE USE Olympus OM-D E-M5 II: Canon G7X: Olympus 14-150mm II Lens: Rode Video Mic GO: Joby Gorilla Pod: SanDisk 16GB Extreme Pro: SOCIAL MEDIA & TRAVEL BLOGS AUDREY: blog: instagram:!
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✱ 21.936 Hotels in Japan - Lowest Price Guarantee ► Tokyo, a city of 30 million, is a place where traditions and modern inventions live together. From the Tokyo Tower one can see only skyscrapers, palaces made of concrete and glass, multi-level highway junctions and monorail expresses. But under the neon lights there are still rickshaw runners pulling their carts and geishas walking in their wooden shoes. The ornamented pagodas, the Japanese gardens, the calm Shinto...!
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✱ 25.176 Hotels in Thailand - Lowest Price Guarantee ► Travel video about destination Thailand. Thailand is a land of smiles and sunshine, the gem of Asia. A fascinating land of contrast, chaotic traffic, serene temples, poverty, wealth, hustle and contemplation.The metropolis of Bangkok boasts many wonderful sights such as Wat Phra Kaeo, the Temple Of The Emerald Buddha, that is highly revered by the Thai people. The city’s most important landmark is also its mos...!
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Take a tour of Asias Greatest Landmarks -- part of the Worlds Greatest Attractions travel video series by GeoBeats. Id like to show you Asias Greatest Landmarks Angkor Wat, in Cambodia is the primary temple complex in the ruins of the worlds largest pre-industrial city. Dating to the 12th century, this enchanting site has been bedecked with ancient statues and stone structures. Buddhist statues are found in abundance owing to Theravada Buddhism; the dominant religion since here the 13th centu...!
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TEXT ME! +1 310 349 3854 Asia has been my home since 2013, when I moved to South Korea to teach English. Over the last 5 years, Ive lived in Vietnam, the Philippines and currently Thailand -- and Ive been to almost every country on the beautiful continent of Asia. Each culture in Asia is very unique -- from religions to traditions, nature, history, cuisines and rituals -- and it provides endless opportunities to learn and discover. But above anything else, THE PEOPLE of Asia are the most hosp...!
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✱ 2.190 Hotels in Cambodia - Lowest Price Guarantee ► Travel video about destination Cambodia. The kingdom of Cambodia is one of three nations within Indochina. A fertile country with a friendly population that appears to have forgotten its recent dramatic history that comprised French colonial times, Vietnamese occupation and the cruel rule of the Khmer Rouge.The former palaces of the gods have now been transformed into tourist attractions and regal splendour and s...!
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How to plan your Southeast Asia Travels. JD Travel Advice In this Travel Advice video I go through a few tips and tricks of how to plan your trip for Southeast Asia. You’ve decided that you want to travel Southeast Asia but you’re not quite sure what to do next, check this video out and hopefully it will give you some clarification. Thanks for watching and hit that subscribe button Find me on Social: Facebook: Instagram:!
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The Ultimate Southeast Asia Backpacking Experience: Sometimes we search for experiences from places far and wide, but what if the greatest place for exploration was right in our backyard? We spent 31 days around South East Asia, backpacking across Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Cambodia. It wasnt an easy ride, but it was well worth every experience and challenge we faced. ------------------------------------------------------ VIETNAM (00:35) 00:37 - Hoi An We sta...!
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ALL you need to know for traveling Central Asia! Google Maps Route: The Central Asia Loop The Central Asia Loop is a circle or half circle that shows you the most beautiful places in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. If your question is How To Travel Central Asia, this video will show you the answer. Whether youre backpacking Central Asia or doing it by car or van. Цикл Центральной Азии представляет собой к...!
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Travel video about destination Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan is a country with thousands of years of history and contains all the magic of the Silk Road, as well as numerous oriental fairy tales, along with traditional culture, Islamic history and fascinating desert landscapes. Tashkent is the city of Amir Timur, the riding general who established a dynasty. It is a city on the ancient Silk Road, famous in both orient and occident, and having inspired both scholars and poets, plus craftsmen and artist...!
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South East Asia is one of the most amazing and easiest places to backpack. Heres a couple of tricks and heads up to make your trip as good as possible. Sleeping, transportation, shopping, food and weather. Check the video. Asia information ( Tours in Asia ( Backpackers travel guide (!
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Travel video about destination Iran. Iran, formerly known as Persia, is a land of magical splendour, ancient architecture and Oriental hospitality. Tehran has been the capital of the Persian Empire since 1795. Founded by Mohammed Aga Khan it is a vibrant place that ranks among the most densely populated cities on Earth. Its biggest transformation in its recent history was due to religious leader, Ayatollah Khomeyni, who in 1979 established the Iranian Republic, a theocracy within the teachings...!
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Here is a list of 10 things to do in Luang Prabang, Laos including all of the best travel and top attractions in the city: 1) Explore the countryside 2) Ride a bicycle around the city 3) Wander the streets 4) Enjoy riverside dining 5) Visit a Buddhist Temple 6) Climb up Phou Si hill for the best views of Luang Prabang 7) Eat local Lao cuisine 8) Visit Luang Prabang night market 9) Join in a Buddhist Alms ceremony 10) Take a Lao cooking class We have made it to Luang Prabang and this ...!
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THIS is how you travel Laos. Laos is one of my favourite travel destinations and has countless adventures to offer. From rappelling waterfalls in Vang Vieng, to climbing picturesque waterfalls in Luang Prabang, you MUST visit Laos at some point in your life! Make sure to subscribe to see my return to Southeast Asia in less than 1 month! Instagram: LostLeBlanc SnapChat: LostLeBlanc Twitter: LostLeBlanc Lauras Instagram: laurareidd Song: Grant Bowtie - High Tide [Monstercat Release] Drive Me Cr...!
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Full recommended two week itinerary (I highly recommend this after my trip!) TOP TRAVEL TIPS: PHI PHI ISLANDS: *Phi Phi Island are a must, and if you like to party, Captain Bobs is also a must: *To get to Phi Phi Islands, take a taxi to any of the easter harbors in Phuket, several boats will get you to Phi Phi Islands. FULL MOON PARTY: *Full Moon Party Info (get y...!
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Summer of 2015 I went on a trip to Southeast Asia with no plan of what I was going to do once I got there. This video attempts to document some of that trip. Enjoy! Follow me on instagram! @calmckinley Music First 3 Songs: Last Song:!
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TRAVEL GUIDE: ASIA & AUSTRALIA | BUDGET, PLANNING & ADVICE Dont forget to subscribe for weekly videos: ☾• For any business inquiries please contact - [email protected] ♡ | social media | ♡ • Instagram - @justmebeccca • Twitter - @justmebecccaa • Snapchat- rebeccaelliee • Vlog channel - (rebeccavlogg) • Soundcloud - justmebecca ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...!
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An island state with interesting terrain and history, Taiwan draws about 10 million tourists each year. Its cuisine is said to be one of the best in Asia. Its also among the few places in Asia with four different seasons - winter, summer, spring, and autumn - which gives tourists plenty of choices in terms of landscapes and attractions to admire any time of the year. See what is in store for you in Taiwan as we bring you our latest travel guide, The Sights and Flavors of Taiwan! Subscribe to ...!
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In this episode we go to Lombok in Indonesia, Bali’s neighbour. This island has so much to offer from its empty and beautiful beaches to breath taking waterfalls and vast jungle. It’s home to Mt Rinjani, Indonesia’s second largest active volcano, and is a great place for surfing, snorkelling and scuba diving. It is the real tropical paradise and with hardly any tourists, you’ll never want to leave! (and its a lot better than Bali) About the series: In this brand new series we are travel...!
Channel Title : expediasea Views : 6970 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2014-09-07T23:49:57Z Bali, Indonesia Gaze at rice terraces and mountains, explore ancient Hindu temples, meet exotic animals, or simply laze on pristine beaches. ---------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------ Follow us on our travel blog for more travel tips, inspiration and city guides to help you plan your holidays: Singapore: Malaysia:!
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For someone that is about to solo backpack in Southeast Asia. I put together this video to share all my insights from my personal experiences. Its important to focus on your mentality, your purpose, and your open-mindedness . ❤️ If you want to support my work, get exclusive videos, and win a $100 giveaway: 📝 Need help planning a trip or a hike? 🎥🏕 My filmmaking and camping g...!
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These are 10 essential things you need to bring to Southeast Asia. DONT forget these necessities because they will make your travels in Southeast Asia better, safer, and more comfortable. I show you some of my favorite things, my best gear that Im packing for my travel in Asia. After traveling the area for 6 months, Im going back to travel there again, and now I know exactly what to bring. So today I teach you about the 10 essential things that you need to have for when you go. This is a small p...!
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For 9 days, we crossed multiple cities, garnered precious stamps, got awed at beautiful temples and ate so much streetfood! From Manila, we flew to Bangkok, Thailand, partied at Khaosan Road and visited The Grand Palace, took a sleeper train to Laos, stayed in Vientiane for 6 hours, took another sleeper train back to Bangkok, rode a cheap open air train to the border of Cambodia, played Temple Run inside Angkor Wat, slept in a cramped sleeper bus to Vietnam for 16 hours without a toilet, ate a g...!
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10 Backpacking Travel Tips for Beginners should get you started on your travel adventures within Southeast asia. Many countries including Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Bali etc. have a strong backpacking foundation and are a lot easier to travel within that you think. We put together this really basic guide to get you started. The first step in starting backpacking is deciding what type of backpacker you are. We classified them in three groups: Extreme budget backpacking, Middle of the road...!
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Southeast Asia Travel is all about backpacking to some of the most beautiful places on earth for just $30/day. From Bali, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, this is our list of best places to visit in Southeast Asia! 😱Bali Travel Guide ($30/day): 🌴Other Southeast Asia Videos: Top 10 Bali: Top 15 Philippines: Top 10 Siargao: Top 6 Cebu: 🎥Instag...!
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Hi, I am Miriam and 6 months ago I made the biggest change in my life and left home for 4 months which turned unto endless travel time. Within those months I visited Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia. It turned out completely different than my plans but I am grateful for all the opportunities I have been given during those months. Please SUBSCRIBE & COME BACK FOR MORE !! WANT TO HELP ME IN TRAVELLING FOREVER ? Please Donate: Thank you so so much ! Love you H...!
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► SUBSCRIBE for daily travel videos: ► INSTAGRAM? Join me: There is something really special about CENTRAL ASIA, and I wanted to make a video sharing my love for this region because its often overlooked. The countries that make up Central Asia are Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and sometimes Afghanistan is included as well. Without question, you can find some of the most ancient history, most hosp...!
Channel Title : expediasea Views : 803 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2014-09-07T23:49:46Z Ayutthaya, Thailand For an interesting day trip away from Bangkok, visit this former Thai capital, a historical park with ruins and magnificent statues. One of Asia’s most appealing ancient capital cities, Ayutthaya is an historic destination found in the central plains of Thailand, about one hour’s drive north of Bangkok. It was once the world’s largest and most prosperous city. Today, the ancient ruins in and around...!
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Ho Chi Minh City – Visit the southern tip of Vietnam for one of South East Asia’s emerging boom cities. Check out the best things to see and do in the city! When ready, browse vacation packages to Ho Chi Minh City: #HoChiMinhCity is Vietnam’s largest city and its economic engine room. The city has an irrepressible soul and an entrepreneurial energy that hums day and night. Despite almost a century of colonialism a...!
Channel Title : Footasylum Views : 255278 DisLikes : 68 Published Date :2019-07-14T18:00:00Z We send Chunkz, Filly and LV to Southeast Asia to experience the different cultures and bring you the ultimate travel guide… kind of. Comment below where to send them next! CHUNKZ: YUNG FILLY: LV GENERAL:!
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Subscribe to LIVING ASIA CHANNELs YouTube channel and watch more eye-catching videos of all the best ASIA has to offer. Subscribe • Facebook • Instagram • #livingasiachannel #lactv Looking for a snow-capped adventure? Look no further than Hokkaido - Japans winter wonderland! At 84,450 sqm, Hokkaido is Japans largest island. Its sheer size and interesting topography promises you unforgettable d...!
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Get your Explorior clothes and join our tribe: Learn how I started traveling full-time at 19: Free $45 AirBnb credit for your next trip: Check out my fun education channel: Subscribe: Check out my travel food channel: Instagram ► YouTube ► E-mail ► https://www.jacoblauka...!
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Our Tokyo travel guide! We finally made it to Tokyo and it was worth the wait... Want to arrive in Tokyo ready to chat? Then check out our friends at italki and buy one Japanese lesson to get a second lesson free! Thanks to our friends at Japan Airlines ( for getting us to Tokyo on one of their amazing 777-300s. They have the biggest economy seat in the sky and the food was AWESOME. Weve been waiting for years to get to Tokyo and it w...!
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Can’t get enough of Sam and Laura? Neither can we! Today, we’re following along as they tour Vietnam and Cambodia with a 20-day tour operated by G Adventures. From fish farms to ancient temple complexes to so much more, get ready to experience the ultimate tour of these two gorgeous countries! Beginning in Cambodia, Sam and Laura get right to making the country their own! A visit to a fish farm kicks things off, and then our favourite travellers find themselves in a bustling local market. O...!
Channel Title : expediasea Views : 4820 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2016-01-15T11:14:44Z Vietnams largest city, with its stunning French and Chinese architecture, is a fast-paced city, home to lively markets and motorbikes that throng the streets. ---------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------ Follow us on our travel blog for more travel tips, inspiration and city guides to help you plan your holidays: Singapore: Malaysia: http://travelblog.expedia...!
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Gorgeous beaches, fascinating and complicated history, incredible food, lush nature; Vietnam is a country that truly has it all. Whether this country is first or fiftieth on your list, our travel guide has all the information you need to know if you’re planning (or dreaming of planning!) a trip to Vietnam. Leave your expectations behind if you’re heading to Vietnam: here, you’ll eat noodles for breakfast, do your shopping in the middle of the night, and discover a country with a new sto...!

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