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Robert Kulp, one of the owners of Black Dog Salvage and the owner of Blue Ridge Residential, got a degree in building construction from Virginia Tech. What makes him unique, however, is his love of architecture, history, and preservation. Still actively building and renovating houses and other structures here in Southwest Virginia, he tries to use salvaged materials whenever possible to help minimize the waste stream and obviously because he has two massive warehouses of material utilize here ...!
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Architectural salvage is a clever, cost-effective way to achieve a custom look. Need some hints on how to use it? Follow two designers around a salvage yard....!
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From old abandoned airplanes to 120-year-old wood planks, Garland Grudger, Jr. is making whats old new again. And hes doing it in some of the hottest new places in the South. Follow us on: Instagram -- Facebook -- Twitter ---!
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Architectural salvage from all over the world hides in every nook and cranny of this massive historic building. Hit the LIKE, Subscribe and leave your comments below! This place has it all! Salvage of all types comes together here. Street signs, Hand carved figures, doors and mantles, furniture, automotive salvage, Antique bottles, farm implements, antiques, even salvage from movie theaters and stadiums. A lot of Magnolia Homes style salvage and global salvage. Antique Iron and patina and rust...!
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Bob shops an architectural salvage yard for used, inexpensive doors and bathroom vanities....!
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Channel Title : Quest TV Views : 32126 DisLikes : 9 Published Date :2019-01-28T15:45:00Z
Drew visits a hat factory in Luton when he comes across a completely unusual collection of wooden carvings made from timber. Catch full episodes at: Subscribe to Salvage Hunters for more great clips:!
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Architectural Salvage and Goodwill Thrift With Me in San Diego Part 2 Here is Part 1 On this trip to visit my daughter in San Diego, CA we were looking for things to decorate her 1920s apartment as well as finding Ebay resale treasures for me to bring home. Join the interactive group for eBay, Etsy, Poshmark Sellers Follow me on Facebook: To see the items for s...!
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Catch new episodes of American Pickers when the series returns Mon Oct 21 at 9/8c Mike refuses to pass up an opportunity to own an artifact of the Arts and Crafts Movement in this clip from Season 18, Episode 9, Double Bubble Trouble. #AmericanPickers Subscribe for more from American Pickers and other great HISTORY shows: Watch more American Pickers on YouTube in this playlist: Find out more about the show and watch full e...!
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In this antique shop you can find everything from an ornate late-1800’s mantel, a beautiful light fixture, piece of terra cotta or repurposed iron table. You might call a visit to Architectural Salvage a “field trip.” That’s because there’s more than 20,000 square feet of unique and unusual items. Learn more about KETs programs at Visit KETs Facebook page: Subscribe to the KET channel:!
Channel Title : Holyrood Architectural Salvage Views : 1255 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2017-05-11T21:46:16Z A slow walkthrough of our architectural salvage yard in Edinburgh, Scotland. We are Edinburgh’s largest architectural salvage yard with over 8000 sq ft to explore. We specialise in the restoration and retail of antique fireplaces and original cast iron radiators, as well as supplying a huge range of doors, pews, wooden & brass handles, lighting and many other reclaimed items. Some items are becoming increasingly difficult to source, so we also offer a large r...!
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Giant elephant wall art, vintage circus & sideshow advertising, mermaids, nautical antiques and letters, letters, letters. We head over to Sarasota where we visit one of the most unique shops in the state of Florida -- Circus City Architectural Salvage. This place is worth a trip if youre within 400 miles of the greater Tampa area! Thanks for watching! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Check out my blog: TWITTER:!
Channel Title : Knorpp and South Views : 42058 DisLikes : 50 Published Date :2019-09-18T17:55:42Z
We found the PLACE where the Knorpp homestead will be but we still have SO much to do before that will be a reality - like a years worth of stuff. After a day out shopping with the kids and even stopping by a thrift store, we decide to spend date night hunting for architectural salvage. One of the things that is super exciting to us is the idea of using a lot of salvaged materials. We dont have anything close by though so we have to drive a couple hours away from home. Dont forget to visit...!
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Find rare treasures with interesting uses for your garden....!
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Decorating your home with architectural salvage pieces can add unique style and beautiful character to your home, and knowing how to find the right architectural salvage pieces to repurpose for your home does not take a degree in architecture. In this segment of Better KC, TAM STONE shares her helpful hints for scouting architectural salvage and creative ways to repurpose your finds for todays home....!
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Related: Architectural Salvage: Great Places to Buy Architectural Salvage: With the antique plaster cornice work repaired, the mason demonstrates how to blend the joints between the cornice and the new drywall. Also, Bob takes a field trip to Millford Plantation, a spectacular Greek Revival governors mansion with echoes of the Civil War still ...!
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Learn how architectural salvage can give building materials a new life cycle, reduce waste to the landfill and lower the need for virgin resources....!
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In this video Peoria Architectural Salvage shows highlights from their salvage of the historic Burnham mansion in Champain, IL prior to its demolition. This enormous 1884 home was designed by the famous architecture firm, Burnham and Root. Youll see the removal process of fireplaces, exterior woodwork, windows, tile, and even hidden wall compartments! Find us on Facebook and Instagram to see our latest salvaged pieces: @peoriaarchsalvage...!
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Melanie is downtown at West End Architectural Salvage with owner Don Short, talking about this unique four-story place....!
Channel Title : Mitchell Bupp Views : 5274 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2014-05-14T05:36:40Z
Today I visited Black Dog Architectural Salvage in Roanoke Virginia where you can buy unique pieces of architectural salvage materials. There is so much stuff in this store it was like a walk into history. This store is a must visit in Roanoke. If you see anything you like please call them at (540) 343-6200 Email: [email protected]!
Channel Title : United House Wrecking, Inc. UHW Views : 5101 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2013-10-09T22:38:13Z
A look inside how we get our architectural salvage. Join Phil as he meets up with Andy, Ross, Manny and the guys at a midtown Manhattan townhouse where theyre removing the antique mantels, doors, and other fixtures to bring to our store! Check out some our salvaged items on our online at United House Wrecking, Inc. 535 Hope St. Stamford CT 203-348-5371...!
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CHECK OUT for more cool stuff!!! I have been hearing about this place and decided to check it out for myself. Glad I did!! This place is awesome! Located near downtown Sarasota, they pretty much have anything and everything that is old,salvaged, and rustic for the home. Check it out if ever in Sarasota Florida! Sarasota Architectural Salvage 1093 Central Avenue Sarasota, FL 34236 941.362.0803 941.362.4290 FAX [email protected] Store Hours: Monday thru Saturday 9a...!
Channel Title : Dr. Lori Views : 25512 DisLikes : 6 Published Date :2018-10-14T23:30:00Z
Watch Ph.D. antiques appraiser Dr. Lori share tips to value antique chairs, how to use a DIY project to increase their value and how to find valuable architectural salvage pieces. Watch how to find a $1,000 Windsor chair at Ask Dr. Lori to appraise your antique at or attend one of her events at!
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A Saturday trip to Sarasota Salvage. Our goal was Lowes lol. This is a great place if you are into history or even things from times past. Its a little long but hope you enjoy. - AJ...!
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Drew and Tee are at a furniture enthusiasts warehouse in Scotland, which is overflowing with antiques! Catch full episodes of your favourite Quest shows here: Subscribe to Quest TV for more great clips:!
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CBS 42 Morning News 6 a.m....!
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Surely one would have to let some of it go one day, the vastness of the collections impossible to maintain indefinitely but, to who would one pass such treasures to that deserves to steward them for the next hundred years so as to be manifesting as houses, furniture, and many other parts of the future. This is sustainable ethos is what could carry the past works of our ancestors on to be appreciated for another century in many new forms. Please help by becoming a steward and even opening a Pur...!
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Picture tour of Docs 36,000 square foot showroom, located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Reclaimed materials, antiques,...!
Channel Title : San Diego Rustic Views : 2271 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2013-10-29T22:15:59Z - 858-537-9348 San Diego Architectural Salvage and Eco Friendly Furniture As the worlds resources for new wood diminishes every day, furniture made using architectural salvaged materials, recycled and re-purposed wood is becoming very popular. It is green and eco friendly because instead of cutting down live trees to construct new furniture, recycled and re-purposed wood seems like the smart way to go. Besides looking at it from a eco friendly standpoint, using rec...!
Channel Title : Tennessee Crossroads Views : 1447 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2020-03-16T20:22:08Z
Im sure youve heard the old saying that one mans trash is another mans treasure. Thats especially true if you know exactly what to look for. We met one such man with an eagle eye for antiques in Springfield, TN where the doctor is always on the lookout for beautiful bargains. Join Nashville Public Televisions Tennessee Crossroads to find out more about Docs Architectural Salvage....!
Channel Title : Lee OConnor, Author and Filmmaker Views : 580 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2016-04-20T15:39:31Z
Second Use: A Seattle Architectural Salvage Store Walk-Through by Lee OConnor and Matt Meyer Special thanks to Second Use 3223 6th Ave S Seattle, WA 98134 Music by PanamaHatNV Jason Shaw ( Licensed under Creative Commons: Attribution 3.0 Unported Other videos by Lee OConnor: Ballard Reuse: A Seattle Architectural Salvage Store Walk-Through Earth Wise: A Seattl...!
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Tracy Earles is co-manager of Earthwise Architectural Salvage in Tacomas McKinley neighborhood. The firm is a repository of thousands of doodads and thingamabobs, from windows and doors to doorknobs and bathtubs. Customers include artists, contractors and just plain folks who might be looking for a window or door of their own into the past....!
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Architectural Antiques Salvage & Reclamation Business complete with plenty of architectural antiques and reclaimed architectural items Architectural Antiques Salvage & Reclamation Business complete with plenty of architectural antiques and reclaimed architectural items. Detached mill on 1 or 2 floors with retail area and workshop, yard and garages on all on same lease A very good business with a £120,000 turnover. Th...!
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Welcome to the heavy side of the reclaimed and salvaged building materials .Whether your building a house or extending your present one. Maybe you are just doing some roof repairs on you existing home? Whatever your building material requirements are I am sure that can be found here. Even if it is only 4 or 5 matching roofing tiles, I am sure you will find what your are looking for…..!
Channel Title : Don Joyce Views : 829 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2018-07-28T12:37:13Z
An overview of Salvage Garden , repurposed architectural and industrial objects, salvage and antiques. This wonderful retail outlet is located in a former Methodist church built in 1892 in the village of Enterprise, Ontario, Canada. Proprietor: David Wood. Drone video captured using a DJI Phantom 3 Standard drone. Still images from A DonDronesOn production by Don Joyce See link below for all my available soft copy offerings. Please note upon purchase you receive a l...!
Channel Title : storeyard Views : 6596 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2011-03-03T02:08:03Z
The Store yard, Portlaoise are suppliers of antique and later country furniture, lighting and rugs, garden statuary, chimney pieces, vintage hand bags and coats, curtains and materials, interior and architectural salvage Antiques are green, recycle the past...!
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Suncoast View - May 19, 2017...!
Channel Title : Thorncroft Clematis Views : 399 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2018-05-03T20:43:50Z
A trip to Mongers Architectural Salvage yard in Hingham, Norfolk, to see the type of structures and containers we will be using at the Chelsea Flower Show 2018. Sam, Louise and their team will be building our ‘garden’ out of their beautiful Salvage and we will be dressing it all with our Clematis. Plants update to follow soon.!...!
Channel Title : Bob Vila Views : 941 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2015-04-20T17:05:17Z
Bob travels to Chicago’s South Side to tour the Salvage One architectural warehouse with Anne Steinweddel....!
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Kathryn Thoman of Recyclean/Architectural Salvage Kenosha on Deconstruction...!
Channel Title : The Harp Gallery Antiques & Furniture Views : 385 DisLikes : Published Date :2016-11-29T18:50:19Z A spectacular architectural salvage library wall with fireplace mantel, clock and bookcases from Belgium dates from about 1890. Expertly hand carved of solid oak, the finesse and artistry are remarkable. Filigree piercing, paw feet and shell motifs are masterful. Raised panels and chisel marks are authentic. The top of the mantel is revarnished for durability, the rest of the finish is original. Waxed and buffed, all that is needed to maintain the warm patina is an oc...!
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at San Diego Rustic at our factory in Jodhpur, India we search for old wood beams, old wood flooring, old doors, window shutters, wood from piers, wood used in construction etc and build new furniture from the old wood. We construct amazing dining room tables up to four inches thick that weigh close to eight hundred pounds. Our artisans sometimes apply very detailed hand carving in the wood. We make benches from old ox carts, sideboards and armoires from large old doors...!
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Daniel Charles Brown joins The McGraw Show -!
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Peoria Architectural Salvage, our goal is to promote and preserve our architectural heritage through the salvaging of homes and buildings prior to demolition. If youre in the market for salvaged items or you have a lead on a structure that should be salvaged, please give us a call!!

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