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Aquarium Architecture specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of custom made aquariums. With offices in London, Manchester and New York, we have the ability to install aquariums across the globe quickly and competitively. For more information or to browse our portfolio visit-!
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Another opportunity to integrate a new entertainment channel for your guests is Polin Aquariums. This offering includes every imaginable detail: concepts, architecture, construction, business plans, procurement of the living creatures and brand identities, all delivered by a team of experienced architects, engineers, biologists, veterinarians and technical experts. The secret of this attraction’s success is based on its multifaceted levels of expertise....!
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The Aquarium - Architectural Thesis...!
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BUILT FROM SPECIAL OPTICALLY CLEAR GLASS, THIS INSTALLATION HOLDS OVER 5000 LITRES OF WATER AND ACCOMMODATES OVER 200 MARINE FISH, PROVIDING THE DESIRED UNIQUE FOCAL POINT AT THIS EXQUISITE HOME. Reinforced using a high grade steel collar and clad with Italian granite, the glass tank fits elegantly into the interior of this London residence. The aquarium is situated on the basement floor overlooking a large Japanese garden, offering a relaxing oasis away from the main living area....!
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This film was first made for the Inside Danish Architecture series for Arcspace. A link to the article can be found here: The Blue Planet (Den Blå Planet) is located on the shores of Øresund in Kastrup, a southern suburb of Copenhagen. It was designed by Danish architecture practice 3XN and opened its doors in 2013. Den Blå Planet is the largest aquarium in Northern Europe, with a floor area of 10,000m2 and 7 million litres of water are contai...!
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Graduation Project (Hurghada Aquarium) Animation Movie HD Used 3d Max AutoCad Lumion 3D Adobe photoShop Adobe After Effects Sony Vegas Pro By El Shamy Designs Contact Us: Egypt : +201062408090 KSA : +966535450885 [email protected] _______________________ Website: LIKEUS Find us every where: Twitter Behance instagram!
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Dubai Aquarium, the largest acrylic tank of its kind in the world when completed in 2008 at 32.88 m wide × 8.3 m high × 750 mm thick and weighing 245,614 kg. Dubai Aquarium has the largest range of sea life in captivity, awarded with the Guinness World Record for Largest Acrylic Panel in the World Dubai, October 30 th, 2008. Dubai Aquarium is one of many designed by Internationally renowned architects Peddle Thorp located in Melbourne Australia.!
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Join my PAGE on Facebook: Join my GROUP too:!/groups/DiCapua.Channel Renzo PIANO - (1992) - The Aquarium (Genova - Italy) The Aquarius in Genoa [], spectacular structure, is in Europe, the aquarium that represents the most greater variety of ecosystems, second for dimensions only to that of Valencia in Spain, the dimensions of the basins, that contain around four million liters of water, repro...!
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Check out the LARGEST Aquariums In The World! From the most beautiful fish tanks to some incredible tourist destinations, this top 10 list of largest and most famous aquariums on earth will amaze you! Subscribe For New Videos! Watch our REAL Mermaid Sightings Around The World! video here: Watch our 10 Sea Monsters ATTACKING A Boat! video here: Watch our STRANGEST Animals People Keep As Pets! video here: https://you...!
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THE Discus MEGATANK. A new Video of the Monster Tank. Thanks to Aquarium Architecture. Enjoy this stunning Tank located in UK. Tanksize is 15 500 Liters (Arround 4000 Gallons) Speakers on and enjoy !!!...!
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From traditional free standing aquariums to custom built-ins,Aquarium Architect Milwaukee create fully integrated systems that compliment any surroundings. No project is too large or too small. We work with interior designers, architects and builders to make your project seamless from beginning to end. Let us design and install a beautiful aquarium for you! With Aquarium Architects Milwaukee you can have that stunning display without having to worry about cleaning or all the technical stuff. Let...!
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Aquarium Architecture Design...!
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*OUR MONTHLY GIVEAWAY [US ONLY]:* Free RCA 4K HDTV: Free $500 Visa Gift Card: Free $1000 Amazon Gift Card: Sign up now! . *NOTE: United States Only, You can apply to more than one giveaway!* -- 50+ Aquarium Interior Decoration Ideas | Inverted In Living Room Simple Setup Design Homemade 2018 -- aquarium design for living room aquarium design gallery fish tank designs for home fish tank designs for living room built in aqu...!
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Aquariums in homes - the best ideas. Fine interiors with beautiful aquariums....!
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An IKONICarts study of color particle LEDs and fish scales 3D sculptures changing according to the environment for the New NY Aquarium made by Cloud9 - WRT More information: /!
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ennead architects has won an international design competition to build a nature reserve in china. located on an island at the mouth of the yangtze river, the ambitious plan involves rescuing critically endangered species and restoring biodiversity to a habitat beset by pollution and the impact of previous construction. the scheme also seeks to raise public awareness in order to protect the wildlife that exists in, and in close proximity to, the country’s longest river. the project, officially...!
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one of the aquariums...!
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#oceanografic #aquarium #valencia This was hands down my favourite experience in Valencia. If you visit Valencia you have to make time to go here. We had so much fun at the Oceanogragic. My favourite animals were the mischievous Penguins, the beautiful Beluga Whales and seeing all the Sharks and Stingrays in the aquarium tunnel! The tickets were about 30 euros and we spent about 4 hours there! 2:42 Oceanografic footage begins Places featured: 🍃 City of art and science buildings 🍃 Kreas ...!
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4 luxury aquariums installed in 2011 in Paris by Aquarium Architecture...!
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Project Title - Oceanarium & Adventure Watersports. ==================== ** To know projects full detailed report of this thesis project from concept to final presentation - visit [ ] blog page. Download Architecture Presentation Resources: ==================== Hi, this is my Architecture thesis presentation of design introduction. If you like the video. ================...!
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WSJ Off Duty goes behind the scenes of a Brooklyn company that makes high end aquariums for everyone from Ben Affleck to Jorge Posada. See how these top-notch tanks are fit for a star as big as Nemo. With Host Wendy Bounds. Subscribe to the WSJ Live YouTube Channel - More WSJLive YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Don’t miss a WSJ vi...!
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We were honored to feature four aquarium layouts inside the Houston, TX studio fro Design Within Reach. The goal was to show how aquariums can integrate into a variety of modern interior styles, and ultimately expand the dialogue in terms of the role aquarium design plays in interior design and architecture....!
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Animasi Desain Akhir Arsitektur (Final Project) Project : Freshwater Aquarium Park in Indragiri Hilir with Energy Saving Architectural Approach design : Ardy Fhadly 3d Modeling : SketchUp Render : Lumion 6 (by Eki) Music : Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition (Instrumental) email : [email protected] Instagram : _ekimaru_...!
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Award winning architecture with Max Strom Architects. Vitro House had such confidence in our installation, it is the first item you see on walking into the home....!
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John Hudson (KGTropicals) has to large Custom Aquariums displays. Custom Aquariums Lifetime Aquariums website H2Overflow Siphon Stopper Stealthbox Seamless Sumps Lifetime Aquariums h...!
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Extrait de lémission : MEGASTRUCTURES:ECO-ARCHITECTURE. L’aquarium le plus profond du monde Pour la construction du musée d’Histoire Naturelle du Golden Gate Park, l’architecte cherche à tout prix à s’inspirer de l’environnement naturel. Son aquarium devra contenir le plus imposant recif de corail du monde et pour y parvenir, il faudra le remplir avec l’équivalent de 5000 baignoires d’eau en provenance du Pacifique. MEGASTRUCTURES:ECO-ARCHITECTURE est une émission diffusée ...!
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Its architecture incorporates original structures from the Cannery Row district, but the aquarium draws on its site in a more literal, sustaining way as well. Unfiltered seawater from the Monterey Bay flows into some of the aquariums exhibit tanks, bringing the nutrients and organisms that exist naturally in the natural ecosystem to the indoors. EHDD principal Chuck Davis, FAIA, was instrumental in designing the seawater system and the architecture that supports it, to make the Aquarium into an ...!
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#MINECRAFT#oak#tutorial#Aquarium#JUNS MAB MAB JUNS ( Minecraft Architecture Builder) business email : [email protected] Hi guys. Im Juns who majored in architecture in Korea. Today we have a large aquarium. In fact, it is a structure that can have many difficulties in making. But if you can, try it. Fantastic architecture shaders : BSL sresource pack : Faithful minecraft : 1.14.4 v BGM : Wanna - Ikson Music by Ikson Music Playlist by!
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Attention Architects and Developers - Visit for the Highest Quality 3D Architectural Animations and CGIs to Capture Your Tourist Attraction Project Vision and win your next contract. Email [email protected] - Let Lifang create amazing visuals that persuade key decision makers to favour your designs and ideas. Visit for more information to see how you can benefit -!
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Please subscribe to our channel for more videos with saltwater and freshwater aquariums designed and installed by Aquarium Architecture....!
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Aquariums for the Savvy Aquarist The NUVO Shallow Reef Series is the next advancement into the world of full-sized premium all-in-one aquariums. Based on our award winning NUVO Desktop and Mid-Size series, these full-sized aquariums incorporate streamline minimalistic design, ultra thick polished glass, and offers the highest clarity viewing possible. The SR Series is the perfect combination of functional design for the style savvy aquarist. Make the ultimate upgrade and experience spacious i...!
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LOCATED ON THE CLIFF-TOPS OF THE FRENCH RIVIERA, WITH ENDLESS VIEWS OVER THE SPARKLING OCEAN WATERS, OUR CLIENTS VILLA IS HOME TO ONE OF OUR BEAUTIFUL FRESHWATER AQUARIA. Originally from England, he is a keen traveler and has always loved going lake fishing in the East. He commissioned us to install this 2000 litre system, based on an Asian discus biotype. Keeping in with the elegant and pretty interiors of the room, the aquarium consists of colourful Asian discus, Denisonii Barbs and Amano Shr...!

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