Appaloosa Horses

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Appaloosa horses were bred initially by the Nez Perce Indian tribe as a source of wealth and pride. Discover the history of appaloosa horses from a horseback riding instructor in this video on horse breeds....!
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Don Burke talks to Appaloosa owners and breeders to find out about their history, and what kind of horses they are....!
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More videos: Akhal-teke Andalusian Horse Arabian Horse Siglavi Clydesdale Horse Friesian Horses Gypsy Cob Haflinger Hanoverian Horse Holstein...!
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Happy the Appy! Super gentle trail horse for sale...!
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This video is about Fun Facts About Appaloosa! Hey guys! So I asked you guys on Instagram what I should do for my next Fun Facts About Horses video and between Appaloosa, Fjord, and Clydesdale Appaloosa won by 2 votes. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did leave a comment on which horse I should do next! I would love to have some feedback on what horses you guys are interested in. Thank you!...!
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Fanfiction: Country Appaloosa Deviant Art: Country-Appaloosa Thanks for watching. I think I made a few mistakes, sorry about that, Im not perfect. Please like, share, and comment! :) This is really how I feel about the lovely Appaloosa. And yes, Prince Charles is riding a polo Appy. :D There are so many other things you can do with a horse it would take forever to get them all. I apologize if your discipline is not on here! Thanks ;) Disclaimer: I do not own any of the horses or music in t...!
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This Brazilian stud farm produces the most beautifully colored horses. To someone not family with horses it can be a real surprise to discover horses come spots like Dalmatian dogs! Credit to:!
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πŸ‘‡ Additional resources including stats and spawn locations below πŸ‘‡ If you know any more sites with useful information, let me know so I can add it to the list....!
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This is for 4-H I did a video of my trip to the Appaloosa World show. Also took video of us driving down town and the fire work show....!
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This is Captain Crunch. He is a 15 year old appaloosa gelding that is gentle and easily ridden down our many dirt roads. This is just another amazing horse at our stables. If you are interested please visit our website at!
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This short video is incorporated into a museum exhibit at the National Museum of the American Indian at the Smithsonian Institution on Washington D.C....!
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These 2 Schleich girls are wishing for dream horses. You can totally paint your dream horse with this Glitter Plaster Horses craft set. Comes with painting brush and paint pots in horse and fantasy colors and silver glitter! Design the horse figures any way you want! Be creative and have fun! β™₯β™₯ Subscribe for FREE: β™₯β™₯---------- Watch More HoneyheartsC Videos ----------β™₯β™₯ Play Star Stable online with me: https://www...!
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Discover the British Appaloosa in this video about the breed! Filmed at the 2019 Royal Windsor Horse Show. Special thanks to the British Appaloosa Society. The Quest: My name is Alyssa. I am a lifelong equestrian and adventure seeker. Did you know that there are over 350 different breeds of horses? My Quest to is to become the first person in the world to ride every one of them! When complete this will be the largest equine education project of its kind. Are you ready to come along for the r...!
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Uploaded from VivaVideo...!
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2019 Appaloosa Reining Horse Association Futurity. October - Fort Worth, Texas Video purchased from 321 Action Video For information on the Annual Futurity contact the ApRHA!
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August 29th, 2019. Variety clip of our of our foals, mares and stallion. Appaloosas from Foundation bloodlines, Colorado Ranger Horse Assoc. and Sundance 500.!
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Earthquake Ike is a World Champion Cutting horse and here he is teaching a (then) green cutting rider how it is done on Buffalo. Visit to learn more about this great stallion and and for further info. (Video filmed and created by Vicki Lee Johnson, Asquith, Saskatchewan, Canada)...!
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When you travel to the place where a breed was created, you know it is going to be a special journey! Join me in Idaho as the Quest continues on a Nez Perce Horse. For travel lovers, make sure to catch the end of this episode for 5 Incredible Stops in Idaho. Featuring: Falling Feather Farm & Garden Spring Farm. Kirkham Hot Springs, Lowman Idaho. Bonneville Hot Springs, Boise National Forest. Redfish Lake, Sawtooth National Recreation Area. Mountain Village Resort, Stanley Idaho. Craters Of the...!
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The Appaloosa horse breed is well known and admired for its native history this collage is created to showcase their true beauty, enjoy Music: Bad Love (Niwel Remix) (Instrumental) by Niwel Creative Commons β€” Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported β€” CC BY-SA 3.0 Free Download / Stream: Music promoted by Audio Library –––––––––––––––––––––––––––β...!
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Comment what breed I should do next Instagram: blm_bugsy website: email: [email protected]!
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1 of the most popular breeds in the US!...!
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Enjoy this show about Appaloosa horses. Please comment. I do not own the rights to anything used in the video....!
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White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue description and commentary on activities. WBAHR is a Virginia 501(c)3 non-profit corporation dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of abused, neglected and at-risk horses, particularly Appaloosas. Thanks to Lennie Tierney for the assembly and production of the video....!
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Short videos of appaloosa horses...!
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Spend a day with me at the Royal Windsor Horse Show! Then join the adventure as I ride my 43rd breed for the Quest, the British Appaloosa! Special Thanks to the British Appaloosa Society, Royal Windsor Horse Show & Kubler Racing! The Quest: My name is Alyssa. I am a lifelong equestrian and adventure seeker. Did you know that there are over 350 different breeds of horses? My Quest to is to become the first person in the world to ride every one of them! When complete this will be the largest equ...!
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Heres our first 6 foals. Some are for sale. The bay leopard colt & bay fewspot filly are already sold. Contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in any of the others. Sire is Sunset Dreaming to all the foals....!
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Happy is the horse who is proud to stand out in the crowd, an appealing eye catcher. Offered for sale only through The Cody Horse Sale in Cody, Wyoming Mothers Day weekend May 11, 2019. Phone and Internet bidding available by contacting- Perfect sized, well built, with a full hip and good wither. We have owned Happy for almost two years now. He has been used primarily as a trail horse, in both Arizona and Montana. Happy...!
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Dezzie is a 5yr old snowflake appaloosa mare. Weve had her since age 2 but for 2 years Erik wanted her as his horse so I left her alone. She was 12.1 hands tall when we got her and even now at age 5 she is still growing. Shes about 15.2 now. Last year Erik decided she wouldnt get big enough for him so I took her on as mine and have been trying to work in enough time to train her. She has had zero training, but plenty of love and attention previous to last year. In this video she actually demons...!
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This is the color class held 10-29-2010 at the Appaloosa World Show in Fort Worth, TX....!
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Birth of a Foundation Appaloosa Foal, Double Forest Ranch, Switzerland...!
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Stallion class...!
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This paint by number horse is going to get a wild make over. Watch as I use acrylic paint and some air dry clay to repair her ear to turn her into an amazing leopard appaloosa! Subscribe for FREE: ---------- Watch More Horse Crazy Videos --------- β™₯ Baby Unicorn ! Breyer Horse Do It Yourself Painting Video β™₯ Breyer Horses Surp...!
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Self- Explanitory...!
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Red Dead Redemption 2 Story Mode DLC Content - NEW HORSES! How To Find The RARE Few Spot Appaloosa! β–ΊCheap GTA 5 Shark Cards & More Games: In today’s Red Dead Redemption 2 video - Ill be showing you how to find the NEW Few Spot Appaloosa in RDR2 that arrived during the Story Mode DLC Update for PC... β–ΊMy Facebook: β–ΊMy Snapchat: β–ΊMy Twitter:!/mrbossftw β–...!
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Producer for the Appaloosa Horse Club, this television series ran 2 years on RFD-TV. Patrick Osterman was the Executive Producer at Midwest Media, Inc when these shows were produced at the ApHC World Show in Texas....!
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Sarco Creek Ranch is a horse breeding service in Goliad, TX. If you are looking for a impeccable horse dealer then look no further. We offer beautiful Appaloosa horses for sale. We also offer delicious honey and pecans as well. Weve been locally owned and operated in Goliad for many years. Call Sarco Creek Ranch to find out more....!
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If you are looking for this one particularly striking coloured appaloosa work horse then its a good idea to check this location. I do not often find this horse in this area however appaloosa horses do spawn here, and can often be found amongst morgans or Tennessee walker horses. Horses do appear at random however this is a known spawn point for this particular breed and colour. Dont forget to like, subscribe! If you have a suggestion or question please feel free to drop me a comment or private...!
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Known for their spotted color pattern! Learn about the Appaloosa Horse in this video about the breed. The Appaloosa Horse Club is one of the top international equine breed registries. Featuring World Champion Appaloosa Stallion Zips Strawsam MMR. Watch the Quest Video Here: Discover amazing horse from around the world in the Quest to ride every breed! When complete this will be the largest equine education project of its kind! Subscribe for Quest Adventures, Br...!
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Documental Caballo Appaloosa Argentina HD. True Appaloosa: A quest for a secret horse through the wilds of Central Asia Own it now in iTunes: . Fanfiction: Country Appaloosa Deviant Art: Country-Appaloosa Thanks for watching. I think I made a few mistakes, sorry about that, Im not perfect. Please like . Scott Engstrom is a life long dedicated breeder of Appaloosa horses – a hardy North American breed known for its colourful spotted pattern. Scott has long . top wildlife documentary...!
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Appaloosa horse club the international breed registry for the appaloosa horse here are some more compilation of topics and latest discussions relates to this video, which we found thorough the internet. Hope this information will helpful to get idea in brief about this. The rich and fascinating history of the appaloosa breed is as unique as its colorful following the pueblo revolt, horses rapidly spread throughout north official merchandiser of the appaloosa horse club. Order your o...!

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