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Channel Title : Chuck Black Art Views : 101237 DisLikes : 29 Published Date :2017-11-30T14:48:05Z
Drawing and painting animals requires a lot of patience. However Ive discovered a unique way to shave time yet still produce wonderful results. In this video I show you how I painted this beautiful wolf using a combination of markers and acrylic paint. I explain how I achieved the detail in the wolfs fur, eyes, nose, etc.. By drawing it out first with markers and them painting it with acrylic paint to finish. Looking for longer, more detailed painting videos & reference photos? Available here:...!
Channel Title : AWESMR art Views : 28150 DisLikes : 46 Published Date :2019-06-26T23:07:07Z
Hey AWESMR fans! Today well be drawing, painting, and coloring cute animal friends including a turtle, fish, star fish, octopus, and sea horse! Hope you enjoy this video and be sure to subscribe so you dont miss any of our future videos!...!
Channel Title : WingsAndThingsStudio Views : 30745 DisLikes : 13 Published Date :2012-11-17T23:46:12Z Must SEE. Too Good To MISS!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing animals that can paint! and they will work for a pat and a bone. Can you teach an old dog new tricks?...!
Channel Title : Lauren Elizabeth Fine Art Views : 52663 DisLikes : 22 Published Date :2019-07-27T10:22:54Z
#paintingdogs #petportrait #dogs #animals Hello Everyone! Welcome to another animal art painting tutorial for stress relief. In today’s tutorial Im going to teach you how to paint your dog in just 1-hour or less. Our pet model is Olive the dingo dog. ⭐️Traceable for Olive the Dingo Dog ⭐️Online Animal Art Masterclass: ⭐️ YouTube Tutorials Facebook Group: https:/...!
Channel Title : PLAY DISNEY & FRIENDS 2 - Super Coloring for Kids Views : 26504 DisLikes : 24 Published Date :2017-11-10T23:58:03Z
How to Draw a Lion | Coloring for Kids | Drawing and Painting Animals Art...!
Channel Title : Andrew Tischler Views : 550423 DisLikes : 168 Published Date :2016-12-16T02:30:14Z
How to paint fur. Learn how to paint fur Alla Prima style with Andrew Tischler. In this free oil painting demonstration, Andrew breaks down painting techniques for painting direct wet-in-wet. Check out Andrew Tischlers Full Length Tutorials: Quick Clips have been inspired by the most frequently asked questions from YouTube viewers subscribed to this channel. Subscribe via the website for bonus painting info to help you develop your painting techniques. h...!
Channel Title : Storyful Views : 60311 DisLikes : 108 Published Date :2015-04-21T19:26:36Z
While Floyd was in Thailand, he came across a herd of brilliant elephants at the Maetaeng park in Chiang Mai! These particular elephants were talented in the art of painting elephants using their trunks to hold the brush! For such a massive animal, they are surprisingly precise with their painting! Credit: YouTube/FSchleyhahn Watch More Storyful Videos: Subscribe to Storyful for the latest viral videos online! ...!
Channel Title : Art Insider Views : 50384 DisLikes : 13 Published Date :2018-12-29T17:00:01Z
Artist Shaunna Russell paints beautiful, custom watercolor pet portraits with a twist: she uses a bright, rainbow color pallette instead of the pets natural colors. Pet owners love how Russells style uniquely captures what is special about their dogs, cats, horses, and even squirrels. ------------------------------------------------------ #Watercolor #Portrait #ArtInsider INSIDER is great journalism about what passionate people actually want to know. That’s everything from news to food, cel...!
Channel Title : GregSimkinsArt Views : 428746 DisLikes : 183 Published Date :2020-03-19T23:24:17Z
These two acrylic paintings were made to complete a Triptych for the owner of Foggy Knight. The idea was to bring two of his best friends that had passed on, into The Outside. The Great Dane, Max, and the Mastiff, Bear, now have a permanent place in The Outside. All my paintings are made with Trekell brushes. Check out the links below! #painting #animals #art places you can find me @craola on the web: h...!
Channel Title : Magic Fingers Art Views : 8650280 DisLikes : Published Date :2019-05-25T07:00:16Z
Its name is Simon. Peacocks are interesting animals. I love them so much. Did you see a peacock in real life? Art is everywhere ♡...!
Channel Title : BananaJamana Views : 170472 DisLikes : 69 Published Date :2017-04-10T19:57:59Z
Thought I would do some little watercolor paintings for fun :) Happy week 2 of VEBDA! MY TWITTER - MY FACEBOOK - Music provided by Epidemic Sound _______________________________ ETSY - TOM AND JAMIE - Hello, my name is Jamie, I do art, “how to” videos, crafts, fun silly things, and random stuff. I love Disney, Studio Ghibli, Nintendo...!
Channel Title : Fun Paint Create Views : 7985 DisLikes : Published Date :2020-01-05T23:53:14Z
HIGHLAND COW / WATERCOLOR PAINTING / How To Draw and Paint Tutorial / Simple Animal Painting A Highland Cow painted in Watercolour on Saunders Waterford Paper Colours: Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Vandyke Brown, Lavender, Black, Orange Round Brushes sizes 6 and 12 Thank For Visiting And Please Subscribe! #cowpainting #animalpainting #relaxing...!
Channel Title : Digipoke Draw Views : 1527080 DisLikes : 2063 Published Date :2019-01-12T20:01:00Z
*SUBSCRIBE! : Wild Animals coloring pages , in this video you will see how to color a Lion, Leopard, Tiger, Rhino, Hippopotamus, Elephant, Giraffe, Zebra and Thomsons Gazelle. Please subscribe to the channel for more animals coloring videos :) Materials - Copic, Ohuhu, Shuttle Art, Bic markers and Copic Markers...!
Channel Title : Nat Geo WILD Views : 147717 DisLikes : 59 Published Date :2018-02-08T13:00:04Z
Pigcasso the painting pig was rescued from an industrialized hog farm and has taken to painting. Watch her work. ➡ Subscribe: About National Geographic Wild: National Geographic Wild is a place for all things animals and for animal-lovers alike. Take a journey through the animal kingdom with us and discover things you never knew before, or rediscover your favorite animals! Get More National Geographic Wild: Official Site: Facebook: ...!
Channel Title : Carl Mazur Views : 253493 DisLikes : 207 Published Date :2018-01-23T07:03:56Z
This was my first try at this kind of abstract acrylic horse art, especially with an animal. I dont normally draw or paint animals or subjects ever. I had this idea and went with it. Since I was really creative that night I didnt record my full process so I recreated the process to show you. Painted with acrylic paints and Floetrol. Use a brush, knife, a hairdryer and some craft sticks to create the horse. This acrylic horse painting is a wonderful acrylic painting for beginners! People love e...!
Channel Title : Art Insider Views : 441420 DisLikes : 133 Published Date :2019-10-03T16:00:03Z
Artist Young-sung Kim creates intricate, hyperrealistic paintings of fish and other animals. The paintings look so real they’re mistaken for photographs. MORE MASTER CRAFT CONTENT: Making Portraits Woven By A Single Thread | Master Craft Making 3D Portraits With Paint Cast in Resin | Master Craft Making Bonsai By Bending Metal Wire | Master Craft ---------------...!
Channel Title : Studio Wildlife Views : 506 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2020-07-19T18:59:53Z
Time lapse of Amber Tyldesley Painting a cheetah this is part of the DSWF Artist of the month exhibition. Head to for more wildlife art tips. Check out our Pinterest page: Tag us on our Instagram: or use #studiowildlife to show us your work Follow us on our personal Instagram pages Daniel- Amber-!
Channel Title : CookieSwirlC Views : 2157459 DisLikes : 1225 Published Date :2018-09-23T19:59:21Z
My Little Pony Apple Jack is surprised to see the farm animals have no color to them. We can paint them to look any way I want with acrylic paint. This is a fun simple easy diy craft kit with cute animals like a baby horse, cow and chickens!! Get the official Cookie Swirl C Roblox Shirt : FREE Subscription Never miss a video! Click here : 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 ...!
Channel Title : Mont Marte Art Views : 6831 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2019-05-24T05:00:24Z
Take some time out and learn how to create a dotted tiger painting. It makes a relaxing mindfulness activity and also looks great on your wall! Check out the PDF and materials list here:!
Channel Title : KIDS Z FUN Views : 61182 DisLikes : 140 Published Date :2019-10-30T10:36:06Z
watch more of our other educational and fun videos for kids and subscribe for new videos every week! ++++SUBSCRIPTION+++++ This channel is catered for fun learning videos for babies, toddlers and preschool kids. We focus on easy learning with variety of toys,play doh,Slime,hidden toy surprises etc. I love to play with children and I am a mom of three kids two boys and a girl and i pretend play with my kids often and with many other children too. We lov...!
Channel Title : Michael James Smith Views : 418557 DisLikes : 137 Published Date :2019-11-10T18:36:07Z
***ONLINE PAINTING LESSONS*** Full lessons from start to finish in real time on my new and ONLY online art school website, MJS TV. Subscribe and get access to 100s of hours of painting instruction. ***NEW APPS OUT NOW*** You can now download lessons to your device from MJS TV! Download Android App: Download iOS App: Lessons :https://www.michaeljamessmith.t...!
Channel Title : DIY Craft Videos Views : 3250 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2020-06-06T09:46:57Z
Channel Title : PAINTLANE Views : 53893 DisLikes : 18 Published Date :2017-01-25T17:22:18Z
This Video is all about the Oil Painting On Canvas techniques.It shows how to Paint A Wild animal With Oil Paint in an easy manner, a simple sketch of a Leopard & simple brush strocks of Oil Painting....Thanks for Watching...!
Channel Title : Danielle Trudeau Studios Views : 74295 DisLikes : 33 Published Date :2018-08-13T19:54:53Z
► Want to paint realistic wildlife easily? Sign up for my FREE training, 5 Tricks for Improving Your Animal Art ◄ Hello my lovelies! Welcome to my How to Paint Tiger Fur tutorial! In this video I use primarily oil paint, though you can totally achieve this with acrylics as well. Thank you for watching! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Ready to start selling your artwork that you create on Instagram? Download my FREE ► Instagr...!
Channel Title : Yong Chen Views : 6361 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2019-11-01T12:49:58Z In this watercolor animal painting lesson, I will demonstrate two different techniques to create the feeling of dried grasses, one is lifting off colors using brushes, the other is scraping while the paint is still wet. ================================= SOCIALS: Gumroad - 哔哩哔哩: Instagram - yongchen8 Facebook - Twitter -!
Channel Title : Yellow Duck Official Views : 15265 DisLikes : 6 Published Date :2018-03-03T11:44:56Z
Paints for stone decoration A Japanese artist named Akie Nakata, known simply as Akie, breathes life into them and gives meaning. For some, stones are just stones, and for Akie, they are whole canvases and space for creativity. Music: Julian Avila - Thankful...!
Channel Title : Mii Paintings Views : 2895 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2019-07-26T15:34:41Z
Our latest trip with my children inspired my to created this painting. I hope it will inspire you too ❤️ If you’d like to support me, so I can create more videos for you :-), please kindly send your donation to . Even 1$ makes a huge difference to me. Thank you sooo soo soo much ❤️❤️❤️ FB Page - If you like my paintings, join my fb group where you can see another nice art and share y...!
Channel Title : Yong Chen Views : 43690 DisLikes : 16 Published Date :2017-09-18T14:48:32Z
Support us: Goldfish is a very lovely object to paint in watercolor. Through this watercolor lesson I will showed you how to layer by layer to build up the realistic details of this goldfish. This is part of the watercolor painting lessons series created for my patrons in Patreon. Please come to join us, and let me know how I may help you to make the art learning experience more fun, relaxing, and enjoyable. To view the watercolor materials that I used in ...!
Channel Title : Arty & Crafty Views : 195516 DisLikes : 277 Published Date :2019-03-20T12:58:18Z
Finger Painting Art | Easy Thumb Painting Animals | Summer Fun Activities for kids by Arty & Crafty This is easy & fun art for kids. In this tutorial I hv shown how to draw cute little animals & insect using fingers & thumb. Its sooo much fun & relaxing painting. Kids just love to to do this type of painting. Kids are going to enjoy this summer with this kind of beautiful painting. Please comment me how do u find this tutorial & do like share & subscribe my channel Arty & Crafty. #ArtyandCra...!
Channel Title : Lioba Brückner Views : 43449 DisLikes : 29 Published Date :2019-06-14T13:56:58Z
Hey everyone! Heres another beginner watercolor tutorial for you! Yay! This time its about how to paint a dog with watercolors and gouache in only 6 steps! ( btw my reference picture is from Pixabay!) heres the video where I talk more in detail about how I trace my reference photos: ‣ p a t r e o n ‣ 2 h d o g p a i n t i n g l e s s o n Watch my step-by-step real time watercolor painting lesson here: ...!
Channel Title : Sudip Saha Art Views : 545 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2020-06-11T17:33:01Z
horse drawing colour horse drawing tutorial horse drawing-watercolor ask art & vlogs Used materials 1. Normal pencil 2. Keen eraser faber castell 3. Doms oil pastel 4.Black pencil & whitener ......................................... ➡️Follow and like my Facebook page - ➡️ Follow me on Instagram - Hit the like button and do SUBSCRIBE to my channel 😊 Thankyou...!
Channel Title : iHasCupquakeLIVE Views : 10349 DisLikes : 9 Published Date :2020-05-21T18:15:01Z
Today I begin painting my dream bear JUDY! This is part 1 of a 2 part livestream. Chill and hangout while we relax and paint! CHECK OUT SOME MORE VIDEOS! Draw My Life! - (get to know me!) Animated Shorts - Animated Songs - 💜 Follow Me - ⭐ Instagram - ⭐ Twitter - ⭐ Facebook - h...!
Channel Title : Ryans World Views : 19358442 DisLikes : 7418 Published Date :2018-03-10T13:00:01Z
Learn Colors with Paint and Teach Alphabet Animals with Ryan ToysReview! Ryan paints fun animals with all the letters of the alphabet like ABC while saying the colors of the animal! Fun educational video for kids with Ryan!...!
Channel Title : Divine Art Views : 823 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2018-11-14T05:43:08Z
Hope you enjoy the tutorial of colorful Orangutan! I loved the character of caesar (The Ape) in the movie Planet of the Apes and this painting is inspired by that character. I love painting colorful characters rather than realism. Using acrylic paint to create this painting. Give a thumbs up if you like the video and subscribe to my channel for similar content ahead. Use any color of your choice to create this colorful painting. Other Art supplies required: Working surface (Canvas paper...!
Channel Title : CBS Evening News Views : 458562 DisLikes : 90 Published Date :2015-05-05T20:45:58Z
Artist Johannes Stoetter has gained worldwide attention for using body paint to create stunning animal creations. In this video created by Stoetter, you may think youre seeing a frog and a chameleon -- but in fact youre seeing human beings, painted and intertwined to create an incredible illusion. You can see more of Stoetters work at these websites: and ....!
Channel Title : Yong Chen Views : 7038 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2018-10-16T15:59:04Z View materials: Lightwishs Facebook: Arrtxs Facebook: Arrtxs Instagram: For our October member challenge, there can be many possibilities to construct your own versions of painting from the reference. Here is my first suggestion: removing the white house and the white cow, adding a white smoke. Please come to join u...!
Channel Title : Proko Views : 54206 DisLikes : 28 Published Date :2016-12-22T21:10:05Z
Arf, Arf, Arf! In this vlog I go to an animal shelter and paint a dog’s portrait to help it get adopted. In collaboration with San Diego Humane Society and Arts for Barks, I painted a portrait of an overlooked dog as an incentive for people to adopt it. The new parents get to keep the painting. In this video I’ll take you through my experience at the shelter and then I’ll let you watch over my shoulder as I do the painting. San Diego Humane Society - Art for Barks -...!
Channel Title : Ellen Crimi-Trent- Artist Views : 6234 DisLikes : 6 Published Date :2019-12-11T20:16:35Z
Here is a Step by Step tutorial on how to paint this cute Hedgehog and mushrooms. For more step by step tutorials Subscribe: #watercoloranimals #hedgehogpainting #woodlandanimals Here are some other Step by Step Tutorials Here are some other great Step by Step Tutorials :!
Channel Title : Jared Loves to Draw Views : 16338 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2018-04-20T16:03:28Z
Hey Art-family! It has been beautiful and sunny and I decided to take my kids to the zoo. I thought Id do a little demo on sketching a moving animal since it comes up a lot in classes and workshops Ive taught. In the video I talk about trying to keep the shapes simple and knowing some basic rules of light that you can apply to form. The main piece of advice I give is to lower your standard and try to just have fun with it. Sometimes an animal will just up and walk away when youre halfway throug...!
Channel Title : Morphle TV Views : 1351580 DisLikes : Published Date :2020-03-03T12:00:09Z
Enjoy This Morphle and friends special compilation featuring some of your favourite My Magic Pet Morphle episodes including Paintbrush Morphle, The Dinosaur egg, Animal Mixer and more. Subscribe to Morphle TV Here: In this compilation of the My Magic Pet Morphle cartoon Morphle morphs into all sorts of things like a T-Rex, Dinosaurs, Triceratops, an Ambulance, Monster Truck, a truck, a dump truck a fire truck, bus, a crane. o...!
Channel Title : Erika Lancaster Views : 556 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2019-08-09T19:10:54Z
Watercolor time lapse re-starts at 14:20 :) In todays video, Ill be sharing a giraffe watercolor painting time-lapse and will be explaining how I go about choosing colors prior to starting a new piece. Ive mentioned before how important it is to plan the colors were going to be using before getting started with the painting process, and wanted to share what it is I personally do. Hope its helpful! :) ► Join my Patreon community for real-time drawing and watercolor tutorials, direct feedback...!
Channel Title : Ali Paintings Views : 7913 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2018-04-19T12:31:04Z
How to paint three different type of eyes (dog, cat and horse) Speed painting | Timelapse painting | Facebook : Instagram: Its Always Too Late to Start Over di Chris Zabriskie è un brano autorizzato da Creative Commons Attribution ( Fonte: Artista:!
Channel Title : Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Views : 1537 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2020-05-17T17:00:30Z
🦏🦍🐧🎨 Today #ColumbusZooSchool is here with a challenge! The animals at the Zoo love to create art, and we hope you do too! Get in touch with your inner artist and share your work with us. Use these inspiration ideas to draw/paint/sculpt an animal of your choice and share your masterpiece on social media! Art Inspiration Prompts: 1. Underwater 2. Black and White 3. Carnivorous 4. Poisonous 5. Ohio 6. Feathered 7. Legs 8. Herbivore 9. Shiny 10. Nocturnal #ColumbusZooSchool is though...!
Channel Title : GregSimkinsArt Views : 74613 DisLikes : 29 Published Date :2019-05-12T16:48:02Z
In this acrylic painting on canvas, The Game of passing notes and having them safely delivered is of the utmost importance to our hero Phen-Joi the Conqueror and his traveling companions! This piece will be on display during my Let the Outside in solo exhibit at KP Projects Gallery in Los Angeles. All my acrylic paintings are made using Trekell paint brushes. #painting #owl #animalart Trekell Brushes and ART SUPPLIES: music: Take Off and Shoot a Zero by Chris Zabriskie ...!
Channel Title : 2DIY projects Views : 17226 DisLikes : 11 Published Date :2017-02-09T16:50:19Z
How to paint various wild animal on rock. Painting on stones. Perfect designs for your garden decorations or a gift. Tips and tricks. Wild animals painting on the rock. Cheap crafts. Garden decor....!

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