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Lets Connect: Instagram: @earlyedventures TpT: Fonts used in anchor chart: AG Running late is my Cardio KG blank spack KG let her go Please SUBSCRIBE and give a thumbs up! :D...!
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Im finally getting to this video request, I am so sorry it took so long! ♡ open to see more... ✰Shop ALL of my recommendations here! ✰ ♡ T H A N K Y O U ♡ Thank you to every single person who has been supporting our classroom. My kids feel so loved. They honestly cant believe all of the amazing things people have done for our room. Thank you thank you thank you. ♡ S U P P O R T O U R C L A S S R O O M ♡ Some of you have reached out wanting to suppor...!
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FREE copyright-free readings in French, Spanish, German, and Basic English that you can use with your classes any way that you want during this challenging time, and beyond: Sign up here for FREE HELP with making lesson plans that dont drive you crazy as you transition to distance learning for who knows how long. Get help RIGHT AWAY, right here. FREE. NOTHING TO BUY, NO STRINGS ATTACHED. I just want to see you stressing less!!!!
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Anchor Charts - Are simple information keepers on a specialized topic that you wish to know about more or wanna teach or wanna share. The key points to make an anchor chart is 1. Cardstock Sheets - White or Brights 2. Various Colors - Pencil,sharpies,thinness,crayons 3.Scissors,scale, Glue,Pencils 4.Topic - Literature about it - by books or by google 5. Bold letters, colorful segments, bullet points Anchor Chart Ready Link below to my other accounts where you can find us in action. Instagram h...!
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Do you use anchor charts in class? If so, I have a huge time-saving tip for you! I actually print my anchor charts by purchasing enlargement prints at a local drafting company. Here are my top tips. Interactive Alphabet Anchor Charts for Kindergarten: THE MEGA ELA BUNDLE: I would LOVE to co...!
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When and why I make anchor charts for my classroom....!
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What are active anchor charts? In this video I describe different types of anchor charts and explain the difference between static and active anchor charts. Anchor charts are used in Reading, ELA, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies....!
Channel Title : Stay Gold Shell Views : 821 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2018-03-06T18:04:14Z Love the idea of anchor charts but have terrible handwriting? Use these DIGITAL ANCHOR CHARTS to work students through skills in Language Arts classes. This interactive digital anchor chart will help your class define and determine necessary skills in English language arts, while creating a perfect anchor chart. Use this Google Slides Presentation to create a Digital Anchor Chart as a class. Use the pre-set versions as classroom handouts, posters, or...!
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An easy introduction to using anchor charts to create a print rich, meaningful classroom environment! Paints via Michaels or Amazon:!
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Childrens sense of fairness provides powerful motivation for persuasive writing. In this mini-lesson, an analysis of this genre and a graphic organizer help students succeed. This clip is excerpted from Stenhouse Publishers Inside Notebooks....!
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An overview of how I created a math display to help my Kindergartner remember units of measurement and even geometry. Colorful, fun and easy to do! --------CONNECT WITH ME!----------- MY BLOG: INSTAGRAM: @halfmom_halfamazing FACEBOOK: TWITTER: @Nicole Venters PINTEREST: @ Nicole Venters ----------------------------------------­­­--------------------------------------­-­-­----------------...!
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Anchor Chart Guidelines:!
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Thank you for all the love and support!! If you are interested in donating to my classroom, here is the link to my classroom wish list. -Amazon Classroom Wishlist: LETS CONNECT -Instagram: @applesntiaras -Pinterest: -Email: [email protected] DISCOUNT CODES -Lipstick & Littles Code:APPLES (15% off). -Eye Buy Direct Glasses: $10 off!!!!Use this code : ...!
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Jill Znaczkos eighth-graders at the Expeditionary Learning Middle School in Syracuse, New York, use anchor charts to reinforce their process and content knowledge. Licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 :!
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Thank you everyone who has subscribed! Here is the copy of the free template : Here is the link to the video on my virtual daily slides :!
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If you love using anchor charts in your classroom and have limited wall space...check out my video! I show you how I make anchor charts using chart spirals and how to display them during the week. I also show you how I use post it notes so it becomes interactive and so I can reuse them every year....!
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A teacher reminds students how to revisit previous anchor charts from the personal narrative unit to ensure they are including everything they know about personal narrative writing in their pieces....!
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3/24/12 PD...!
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On this episode of TECHnically Speaking, @TheMerrillsEDU discuss how to embed anchor charts into your Flipgrid videos! For more tips and tricks, check out The InterACTIVE Class book: Also be sure to check out @TheMerrillsEDU website and blog post on this video:!
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Funny picture book ideas for bedtime woes, dyslexia awareness ideas, and multisensory reading ideas with Orton-Gillingham anchor charts Anchor charts:!
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Episode 2 of Spotlight Strategies is to focus on using anchor charts to help students increasing their learning abilities....!
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Powerful tools for mathematics instruction can make a good lesson great. Math Tools in Action, an exciting new video series, explores Anchor Charts, Journals, and Manipulatives, three of the most effective tools for helping teachers implement the Common Core Standards while encouraging students to become critical mathematical thinkers. For more than twenty years, Chris Confer and Marco Ramirez have worked with administrators and teachers at dozens of schools around the county to cultivate an en...!
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Turn anchor charts into more than just a pretty poster for the wall! Gain valuable knowledge and multiple tips for creating and making them purposeful to your students! Try it FREE for 60 days! Make sure to use PROMO CODE=YouTube to receive $40 off your first paid year for new users. Get more ESGI: Follow: Heart: Like: Pin: https://p...!
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This is part of Bitmoji: A Comprehensive Guide video series! Check out how easy it is to add your Bitmoji to your anchor charts! 🔗 Poster my wall: 🔗 Poster my wall 2.0:!
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How I actually go about making my anchor charts...!
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Active Anchor Charts help anchor your students. Learn how visuals and movements improve recall, increase motivation, and help students move between lower order thinking and higher order thinking. Active Anchor Charts can be used in reading, ELA, writing, math, science, and social studies....!
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11 Creative Ways to Display Anchor Charts! Grab the FREE anchor chart here:!
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Digital anchor charts can be created by students to document their understanding of key concepts and strategies. 2nd graders were investigating and learning about the different text features used in non-fiction texts in order to help them with their own reading strategies. Students then created digital anchor charts using Explain Everything to teach others, particularly younger students, how to be efficient readers using these text features to build understanding....!
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Ive been known to be extra and in the classroom its no different. I go above and beyond for my students, oh and my anchor charts. I love creating awesome and unique anchor charts, my students LOVE them....!
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Product Preview of Anchor Chart Mega Pack by Check out this resources at:!
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Anchor charts are an effective instructional tool to give students a reference as they apply a skill. Lets talk about some tips for using anchor charts in the classroom. For the full article, click the link below:!
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I found this cool idea on Pinterest and I had to share it with you guys. You can find Premade cards on TpT but I don’t shop on that site anymore. You don’t have to print the cards either, you can hand write the strategies. All of the items, I purchased from the Dollar Tree for a $1 each. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @MissELAteacher Teacher talk, teacher vlogs, teacher tip, black teachers...!
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This Emini Trading Update takes a look at how important it is to use an anchor chart to give perspective on the shorter time frames. In this we look at the weekly to give direction on our daily perspective....!
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Learn how to make three classroom management anchor charts using emojis!...!
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Teacher and students co-construct anchor charts and post them in a designated area of the classroom as a reminder of various reading comprehension strategies. See the lesson plan at and do a virtual tour of this teachers classroom at Also go to for more free teaching activities and virtual classroom tours....!
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