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I tell you the story of my adventurous attempt to rescue Steve the pigeon! Hydrated merch: USA: Subscribe to my channel: Find more of me here! NEW MERCH: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: TUMBLR: Music: Kev...!
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I tell you some more stories from when I was an awkward closeted teen! Vid contains a paid promotion for Displate! Check out my curated Displate page: and get 20% off for 1-2 displates and 25% off for 3+ displates until 13th July 2020! Subscribe to my channel: Find more of me here! NEW MERCH: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: http:/...!
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I talk about growing up gay, my coming out experiences and what Id say to anyone going through it too! Subscribe to my channel: Find more of me here! TWITTER: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: TUMBLR: NEW MERCH: Links I think might be helpful :)!
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It’s been a year since I came out publicly on YouTube! Here’s what really happened. Also some awkward closeted stories! Get your charity pride art print here - USA: All profits go to: and Subscribe to my channel: Find more of me here! TWITTER: FACEBOOK: ht...!
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I play a game of Never Have I Ever! and talk about kissing someone married to save my bladder, being robbed and when I got kicked out of a bar! 20% OFF ALL MERCH! Use the code SALE 2020 - Become a fan on YouNow! SUBSCRIBE TUMBLR: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: http://www.instag...!
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Thats right. Its finally happened. The one and only AmazingPhil has joined me on Tipsy Talk. Our video on Phils channel goes live tomorrow!! SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL: SUBSCRIBE TO PHIL: FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: LOOK AT ME ON INSTAGRAM: Music: Make it Happen and Strike a Blow for Joy Licensed from Epidemic Sound...!
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I gave my viewers the power to choose some new clothes for me. Was it a mistake? Time to discover my brand new look... SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! -- *MERCH* Twitter: Tumblr: Facebook: Instagram: GAMING: Music: Kevin Macleod - In...!
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I discovered some baby videos while I was home for Christmas! LIGHT! I mean.. SUBSCRIBE! SNAZZY MERCH: GAMING: TUMBLR: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: Music: Kevin Macleod - Sorry mum!...!
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Our intrepid YouTube superstars AmazingPhil and danisnotonfire have been armed with nothing more than a video camera and sent on a mission to record all that is weird and wonderful behind the scenes at Radio 1s Fun and Filth Cabaret! Featuring: Mark Wright, Emily Atack, Scouting For Girls, Nick Grimshaw, Scott Mills and many many more! Subscribe to Radio 1 for more installments of AmazingPhil and danisnotonfires backstage diaries! and ...!
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New HYDRATED Merch! USA: 🌵💙 I give you a full tour of my houseplants (both living and dead) Jennas plant tour video: CATCH EM ALL: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: TUMBLR: MERCH: Music: kevin macleod -!
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Spo0o0oky baking with Dan and Phil! SUBSCRIBE to get haunted: Dans channel: Follow me on twitter ^_^ INSTRUCTIONS!!! Ingredients 125 grams plain flour 1 tablespoon cocoa powder (sifted) ( half this for brighter colour) 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/4 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda 50 grams soft unsalted butter 100 grams caster sugar 1/2 heaped tables...!
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Tyler and I eat a mysterious berry that changes our tastebuds! - EXCITING NEW MERCH! - Check out Tylers video! Pre Order TABINOF! Find Tyler here: Video inspired by Shane! Tweet me: Instagram me:!
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I use the power of 8 Balls, cards and bananas to find out what lies in Dans future! Subscribe to Phil: Subscribe to Dan: MERCH! Dan: Twitter - Facebook - Tumblr - Instagram - Phil: Twitter - http://twitter....!
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I tell you the dramatic true story of why I went to hospital last week! (Contains some talk of needles and blood!!) GET OUR DVD FOR CHRISTMAS! Click here to subscribe to my channel: PJs video I referenced: TOUR MERCH SALE! - Use the discount code HEXAGON at checkout to receive 50% off of the Interactive Introvert T-Shirt, Hoodie, Longsleeve, Marble T-Sh...!
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Dan helps me on a quest to find a MILK SUBSTITUTE. Also I tell you about the angriest man ever. Subscribe for a free glass of goat milk! Follow me: Facebook me: Tumbl me: Instagram me: D&P GAMES Discount 2015 Dan and Phil Calendars! http://www.danandphi...!
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I tell the story of a very unfortunate bonfire night! ~Safety tips!~ To help someone who has burnt themselves remember to cool the burn under cold running water for at least 10 minutes. Loosely cover the burn with cling film or a clean plastic bag to prevent infection and scarring. Call 999 if necessary   Check out the Facebook page for more info! : Follow me on twitter: Thanks to the Red Cross for making this video possible! ^_^ ...!
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NEW MERCH OUT NOW!! - the advent calendar is limited edition so grab it while its hot! I take you on a tour of my drawer of shame. Let me know what is in yours too! Dan and Phil Audiobook: SUBSCRIBE: TUMBLR: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM:!
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I draw my life! Find out what happens next :D!
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WIN A TOTORO! Just go here: Log in with facebook and click become a fan! Or you can log into - sign in there then click the link to my page and become a fan! Follow me on twitter for updates: Also I have a tumblr if you didnt know! Awesome Muse draw phil naked by Magdalena Orzeszek *SNIFF* Hope you enjoyed an old skool phil vlog for a change!...!
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After 2 months of lockdown I decided to take matters into my own hands and give myself a haircut with some... interesting results! Click JOIN to get a cactus in the comments! New perks available including a new rainbow cactus CATCH EM ALL: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: TUMBLR: MERCH: Music: kevin macleod -!
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Get your tickets for Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep and see the movie in theaters October 31- This is an #ad for Warner Bros. In the spirit of Halloween I try and spend the night in a haunted hotel and use some ghost hunting gadgets to try and see one! Last video: Doing A Makeup Tutorial Inspired By My Fish: Find more of me here! TWITTER: FACEBOOK:!
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I bought 3 mystery boxes from Ebay that could contain ANYTHING and show you what was inside. It wasnt my finest moment. SUBSCRIBE! *NEW MERCH* Twitter: Tumblr: Facebook: Instagram: GAMING:!
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What happens when I go clubbing? More reasons why I probably shouldn’t leave the house This video is sponsored by Rise Above. Check out their website to find out more! SUBSCRIBE! Dan and Phil Games: Gotta catch ‘em all: Twitter: Facebook: Tumblr: Instagram:...!
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As we’re all social distancing, the new Animal Crossing came out at the perfect time! Escape to a deserted island with me as we create my character, name my island and decide where to put my tent. PART 2! SUBSCRIBE: Thumbnail art by: CATCH EM ALL: TUMBLR: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: http://www.faceb...!
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As the last YouTuber with emo hair I got some help from Dan to join the curly hair club! SUBSCRIBE: Contains a paid shoutout to my tinder video in the last 30 seconds! [AD] Download tinder here if youre 18+! : Dans channel: MERCH: Other stuff: Facebook - Tumblr -!
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SUBSCRIBE ^_^ Follow me! I face my worst fear and discover if I have secretly liked cheese all along! Thanks to my helper: PRE ORDER OUR BOOK :D UK: http://www.whsm...!
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Here is what happened when I visited the opticians... SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE EYELID INVERSION :D Dan and Phil GAMES! Gotta Catch em all!: Twitterchu Facebookasaur: Tumblzard: Shoptle: Draw Phil Naked:!
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I give myself abs from cringing as I react to some of my first videos! SUBSCRIBE HERE! The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire! UK: USA: Twitter: Facebook: Tumblr...!
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Lucy broke up with me! (on MSN) (when I was 14) I read more chat logs! Follow me on twitter! Tumblr t-shirt contest: Music: Kevin Macleod -!
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I take you on a tour of the various zones of the Phil brain! SUBSCRIBE FOR A FREE ZEBRAT! Followww meee: Facebook me?: Dan and Phil GAMES: _ Music:!
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I make the most of adulthood by mixing all my cereal together, watching an 18 rated movie and attempting to make.. fizzy milk? GET A CACTUS IN THE COMMENTS! GLOBAL MERCH STORE! USA STORE: AUSTRALIA: SUBSCRIBE: CATCH EM ALL: TUMBLR: TWITTER: http://w...!
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From YouTube sensations Dan Howell (danisnotonfire) and Phil Lester (AmazingPhil) comes a laugh-out-loud look into the world created by two awkward guys who share their lives on the Internet. Buy it:!
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I dye my hair and answer some of your questions! SUBSCRIBE HERE ^_^ Follow me on twitter! I feel like this was accidentally the unofficial sequel to Charlies video which you can see here: Draw Phil naked by: Elsa!...!
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I try to give you a tutorial to help you make two varieties of the viral whipped tiktok dalgona coffee... with an Easter twist! (and mixed results) CATCH EM ALL: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: MERCH: FACEBOOK: TUMBLR: Music: Kevin Macleod -!
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I find out if I have ASMR by watching some videos about cleaning, mugs and slime.. and then its only fair that I have a go myself. NEW BLOSSOM MERCH! SUBSCRIBE: CATCH EM ALL: TUMBLR: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: Shout out to the ASMR channels I watched! Kee...!
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After 5 years weve decided its time to move out of our London Apartment! Goodbye mice, danger and disturbing noises. Subscribe to Phil: Subscribe to Dan: MERCH! Dan: Twitter - Facebook - Tumblr - Instagram -!
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I look through some files on my old laptop o_o PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!! Follow me: Facebook me: _ SKINK...!
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Check out Caspars video here! Subscribe to Caspar! I give Caspar Lee the ULTIMATE test of friendship Subscribe to my channel! Catch ‘Em All: TWITTER FACEBOOK TUMBLR INSTAGRAM SHOP! Music: Kevin Macleod ...!
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Crunchyroll Premium free trial!! This is a paid advertorial thanks to Crunchyroll :D Subscribe to me! Snazzy 2016 Calendars Check out Nanalews anime guide which helped me find some of my favourite shows: Gaming: Twitter:!
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Go to and use code amazingphil to get 70% off a 3 year plan and an extra month for free! Thanks to Nord VPN for sponsoring this video! :D I buy the weirdest things from my Wish homepage including a gigantic baguette, some unusual sand and a disco toilet machine SUBSCRIBE: CATCH EM ALL: TUMBLR: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook...!
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I take you on another tour of my drawer of shame and experiment with cereal lip balm and silver hair dye! MERCH: SUBSCRIBE: CATCH EM ALL: TUMBLR: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: music: kevin macleod -!
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I ask my mum about youtube, twerking and birth! Follow me!!!
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Crunchyroll Premium free trial!! This is a paid advertorial thanks to Crunchyroll :D DAPGO IS OUT NOW! Dan and I try and become real life anime characters with.. varied results. Dans Anime Video: Subscribe to me! DAN Videos: Twitter:!
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I take the Walk In The Woods PSYCHOLOGY test and learn what goes on DEEP INSIDE MY MIND. Let me know how you get on! --- SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! -- *MERCH* Twitter: Tumblr: Facebook: Instagram: GAMING: Music: Kevin Macleod - T...!

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