Air Brush Painting

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Learn with our books: Support us making videos: Hey guys, its Benni! Svetlana forced me to make a video for airbrush beginners. Well.... so here you go! Can I go now? Thanks, bye! - Benni Products used: Airbrush Set US/CA: Airbrush Set EU: Water Filter: Cleaning Station: Vallejo Model Air Paint: Vallej...!
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In this video, Dillon from @DeJesus Custom Footwear was kind enough to share some of his techniques on how to properly prep a Nike Air Force 1 and airbrush a simple gradient using Angelus Leather Acrylic Paints. Angelus Paints come airbrush ready but if your airbrush needle is smaller than .5mm or your paints are a bit old and clumpy, then this video will demonstrate the proper way to thin them out and get them ready to for smooth airbrush application. Follow the Customizer DeJesus Custom Foot...!
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this is the airbrush compressor and kit I use cleaning kit cleaining pot!
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In this video I show you the basics of airbrushing, including a quick demonstration as well as some really valuable tips for anyone who wants to get started and learn how to Airbrush. 🎥 Some of the Products used in this video include (affiliate links) : - Iwata HP.CS Eclipse : - Iwata CMC + Micron : - Circle FX template : 👕Check out our Merchandise & airbrush related clothing (use code - ASYLUM20 for 20% off) : https...!
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- Real Time Videos of Airbrush - Video en tiempo real de Aerografia Patreon: - Buy My Art - Compra mi Arte Society6: - Web site: - Follow me: #RafaFonsecaArt * My instagram: * My Facebook: 1115365141823363/?fref=ts...!
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Hey 👋 Id love to teach you to airbrush! Follow along for videos on everything Ive learned in my career. I hope to get you up to speed to create great airbrush art in no time! If you need an airbrush kit - You can buy the one I use here: 👍 Please Like + Subscribe for more videos like this! 📷 Check out my Instagram!!
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Iwata house of kolor kaotic concepts slammed bagged gmc live paint...!
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😎 SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEW CHANNEL, (RAFA FONSECA ART AND GALLERY)! 👉 - Real Time Videos of Airbrush - Video en tiempo real de Aerografia Patreon: - Buy My Art - Compra mi Arte Society6: - Web site: - Follow me: * My instagram:!
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Visit my new Chanel OnkelHirschi for new Videos and german Step by Steps. little exercise for airbrush beginners A skull in 20 minutes....!
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Check Out The Store! *Lift Kit Giveaway ENDS 3/31/20 at 11:59 EST* Huge THANK YOU! to our Sponsors: - Boost Auto Parts: - GM Tow Mirrors: - Eastwood Company | (1VD6692 = 10% OFF) - Banks Power | - New Air | (MAYER240V or MAYER120V = 15% or $30) - Hornblasters (Lime = 10% OFF) - Speed Pole (6.7Lime = 10% OFF) - Jax Wax Car Care (LIME = 15% OFF) | - VooDoo Ride (Ryan10 = 10% Off) - Pedal...!
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In this video I am showing possibly the cheapest way that you can make your own airbrush paint. I am using a matte finish acrylic paint that i bought at Wal mart. the brand is called Apple Barrel. Beware that the paint is not going to stick to alot of plastics and hard surfaces. You will need to apply a primer (preferably white) and you will need to apply a top coat after you try this paint out. Another thing to add is that this formula worked for this kind of acrylic paint but it may not work ...!
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In this video Im airbrushing Yoshi on a t-shirt. *Instagram Do You Love Art? If so please check out my out my brand new YouTube channel! Its all about drawing / sketching pets. Thanks! Check out my new Amazon store! I put together a list of airbrush supplies that I use (or have used in the past) and recommend. I do get a very small commission shou...!
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This is my first crack at lightning. I should have stopped 1/2 way through. IWATA ECLIPSE CS AIRBRUSH - HOSE - REGULATOR - STARTER PAINT SET - REDUCER - CLEANER -!
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Today we walk you through 6 clever & unique airbrush hacks that you need to try on your next pair of custom sneakers. This airbrush tips are meant for any level of experience and will help you get the most out of your airbrush. Materials we use! Table top Airbrush Booth ➢ Badger Patriot 105 Airbrush ➢ Airbrush Paint Bottles ➢ Our Sneaker Stencils! ➢ Angelus Paint Supplies! ➢https://angelusdi...!
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In this video we show you how to airbrush blue real fire using 3 basic water based colours. **CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO VIEW A LIST OF PRODUCTS USED IN THIS VIDEO** (affiliate link) Check out our Merchandise & airbrush related clothing (use code - ASYLUM20 for 20% off) : For more info on Trident paints or to purchase online (Australia only) visit : https://www.airbru...!
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😎 SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEW CHANNEL, (RAFA FONSECA ART AND GALLERY)! 👉 Ready Guys! for the next Avenger End Game Movie, I painted portrait of Thanos, I hope you like it, share, comment and Thank you for watching! My second Channel of Drawing: Do you want learn airbrush in Patreon?: FOLLOW ME: - Web site: https://rafafonsec...!
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Painting a realistic, textured skull with an airbrush. Airbrush: Igor Amidzic Video: Aleksandra Amidzic Support us on Patreon Facebook - Instagram - New video every week dont forget to subscribe...!
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Hi everyone Welcome to my world of airbrush art!!! Web site: Follow me in: My Facebook My instagram: Suscribe for more videos Hello everyone Do you like airbrush? I invite you to Visit my page on patreon you learn more about the process, step by step and real time videos, thank you so much!!!!
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Get some more free stuff here The only place that you can learn how to do spray paint art techniques with your airbrush. You can email me,Alisa Amor, personally at [email protected] with your questions....!
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I was requested to do this very simple boy, girl painting by a friend. The surface is cerarmic tile which I just cleaned and painted. Subscribe to the printed format of Airbrush The Magazine on the magazine website   I had 4 airbrushes one with red, yellow, black and white. The Iwata BCS would have been best suited for this I just used the airbrushes I was using at the time. Paint is solvent base PPG. Pretty easy painting but just challenging enough for those new t...!
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Quick little tip on how to use cheap paints in an air brush without destroying the brush Songs: Gymnopedie No 1 by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License Support the channel Patreon ----- Shop the channel Etsy Store: Tee-spring: ----- Join me and other crafters on the Ta...!
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Please check the links for all the products used in this video. Airbrush Airbrush cleaner compressor Paint cleaning pot!
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Belajar membuat motif marmer menggunakan pen airbrush,dg Menggunakan cat minyak radja Lux, atau bisa menggunakan Cat mobil Penta Gloss....!
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Nike Huaraches are super fun to custom due to their very unique styling. Today we show off how to do a custom rainbow fade. You are welcome to customize this to whatever colors you want to give it a real unique look. Suheel goes over the steps on how to be ready for summer with some custom rainbow Huaraches. If you found this video to be helpful, please give us a big thumbs up! 0:00 - Intro 0:23 - The Prep Work 1:58 - Fading Colors 7:45 - Unmasking the Tape 8:42 - Heat Setting the Paints 8:54...!
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Notsoaveragebuilder is sponsored by, head on over and pick up your next project. Snag your NSAB merch here: We have all been there at one point, it seems that no matter what you do your paints just won’t run properly through an airbrush. Well in this video I show you the way I have been doing it and have had perfect results just about every single time! Using flow improved and a little patience you too can have amazing resul...!
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An airbrush can take your prop and costume finishing work to the next level. In this video, Bill shows you everything you need to know to get started with your first airbrush! Bills old airbrush video: Tools & Materials Beginner Airbrush/Compressor Kit Iwata Gravity Fed Airbrush Master Siphon Fed Airbrush Paint Mixing Tool Plastic Pipettes Creat...!
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Now you have a choice to either paint the complete damaged area or air brush the damage back to new. Check out our bumper scuff and paint chip repairs....!
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Here is the new video Demonstration from MS Artworld.... Medium- Watercolour using Airbrush, ------------------------------------------------------------------------ For artlovers like you we have published book to learn Airbrush Spray Painting in simplest way.... To buy Airbrush Spray Painting book (Marathi edition) contact us on 👇👇 Whatsapp no :- 09527149922 Email ID :- [email protected] Also to buy airbrush spray painting kit at lowest price... (Including :- Airbrush spray gun, ...!
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I recently got an airbrush kit and figured I would share as I learn how to use it to paint 3D printed parts. Buy the set yourself (Affiliate link - no extra charge to you) Video Tutorials How to Get Started Airbrushing: Intro to Aibrushing: Models Used Zombie Hunter: Superman: Mr. Incredible (and oth...!
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If you want to support this channel you can purchase this kit via these Amazon links*: For UK: For Germany: For US: (Same brand airbrush kit but without the compressor, seems to be not available any more) Is this cheap airbrush KIT any good? Let‘s see! Yes, technically it is not the cheapest, but it is really, really, really close. ⇊ Check info below ⇊ If you liked this video please subscribe to my channel or supp...!
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For more photos of my kits, visit my photo blog: vegeta8259s random ramblings on Twitter:!
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Hi everyone, in this video I show you how to paint a realistic female portrait with airbrush, and mixed techniques I hope you like it, leave your like, share and subscribe!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------ Hola a todos, en este video les muestro cómo pintar un retrato femenino realista con aerógrafo, y técnicas mixtas, si le gusta, por favor, déjen su like, compartan y suscriban. - Real Time Videos of Airbrush - Video en tiempo real de Aerografia ...!
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Check out my Playlist of interesting videos: A fast and easy to tip to changing between colors when youre airbrushing with a gravity fed cup! super easy and effective! [=====FACEBOOK PAGE!=====] Facebook: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any music is by Kevin MacLeod https://incompetech.c...!
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This is a basic airbrush skill set they I teach in a how to airbrush DVD you can view my art at and Watch for upcoming videos....!
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Links in Todays Video AIRBRUSH ➢ COMPRESSOR ➢ AIRBRUSH ADAPTOR (connect to standard hose) ➢ SEND IN YOUR CUSTOMS! ➢ Our Sneaker Stencils! ➢ Angelus Supplies! ➢ Contact Me! ➢ [email protected] ➢ (773) 833-0388 Materials we use! Table top Airbrush Booth ➢ The Brushes we use ➢ht...!
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Painting a wolf pack with a foggy forest background on a side of a car. Airbrush: Igor Amidzic Video: Aleksandra Amidzic Facebook - Instagram - New video every week dont forget to subscribe...!
Channel Title : Cosplay Apprentice Views : 10382 DisLikes : 11 Published Date :2020-02-19T13:00:08Z
In this video Ill show you an awesome recipe I found for making your own Airbrush Paint Thinner so that you can save some money and easily thin down acrylic paints to use in your airbrush. Here is the recipe: 175 ML Distilled Water 75 ML 91% Isopropyl Alcohol 15 drops of Glycerine Let me know what Cosplay Questions you might have and I will answer them in a video on this channel! Here are links to the items I mentioned in the video that I would recommend, if you buy any of them please use the...!
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Createx Airbrush Colors - Stencil Sheets: Badger Anthem 155 Airbrush: 3M Super 77 Adhesive: Good Airbrush Compressor: Airbrush Bottles: Gildan Shirts: Easel: Free 30 Day Amazon Prime: Mikes Custom Stencils: Become a channel member -!
Channel Title : Airbrush Asylum Views : 90677 DisLikes : 48 Published Date :2019-06-30T16:30:00Z
In this tutorial video I show you how to Airbrush a scene of Clouds and Lightning, you will learn how to make and use simple paper templates as well as freehand airbrushing, I also use Createx Candy 20 to create the glow that really makes these lightning strikes pop. **Watch my other video showcasing how to airbrush clouds : 🔱Trident Colours used to create this artwork include : -White (similar colour in createx) - -Black (similar colour ...!
Channel Title : ngadino more Views : 892973 DisLikes : 691 Published Date :2020-03-02T16:01:49Z
Kali ini kita akan belajar membuat motif pada media dengan menggunakan cat aerosol dan menggunakan cat aerosol khusus motor diton premium yang sudah teruji tahan bensin Video ini di buat bertujuan untuk edukasi dan hiburan semata dalam dunia pengecatan Kode cat yang di pakai : Hitam ⚫ 9109 Putih 9102 Tiger yellow 9425 Chilli red 9462 Piagio blue 9185 Candytone violet 9310 Candytone pink 9306 Clear 9128 #belajar #airbrush #pemula Diton premium cat semprot khusus motor Silahkan share dan se...!
Channel Title : East India MOtorcycle Revolution Views : 33014 DisLikes : 14 Published Date :2018-04-03T05:58:23Z
Check out the elaborate process of custom painting at Eimor Customs. There are no shortcuts to a world class paint job. Hours of conceptualization (how to lay artwork and what to lay, what not to lay) due to limited space on a motorcycle. Make sure everything lines up nicely. Hours of prep work and making the base ready for work. Hours and hours of painstaking airbrushing Hours of Gold leafing Hours of lining and pinstriping Multiple layers of clear-coat/sanding Meticulous re-finish It takes...!
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Check out MINIACs video!! Subscribe to Scott: My EPIC new desk brought to you by !! (NOT Sponsored, just awesome!) ➨ Get my APP, Courses, eBooks, Brushes and more: ➨ MERCH - Shirts, Hoodies and more: ➨ ART PRINTS and POSTERS: ----------------...!
Channel Title : CreatexColorsCo Views : 51676 DisLikes : Published Date :2017-07-10T20:12:31Z
Craig Fraser shows how-to reduce Createx Airbrush Colors. This video features 4012 Reducer, which as of 2020 has been replaced with 4011 Reducer as the standard thinner for Createx Airbrush Colors and all Createx paints....!

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