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From wilderness to cultural heritage, Africa is a continent full of life and adventure waiting for you to discover. Welcome to MojoTravels and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 African Countries to Visit in 2019. For this list, we’re taking a look at some of the African countries you simply need to visit in 2019, with a primary focus on wild nature as well as tradition. Thanks to Acacia Africa for the selections. #Africa #Tourism #Travel...!
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My first trip to Africa was a 5 week adventure through South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia. captured in this travel documentary. Karls journey begins in Cape Town, where we goes cage diving with Great White Sharks, does a tour to Cape Point, visits the wineries of Stellenbosch and explores Robben Island. My journey began in Cape Town, where I went cage diving with Great White Sharks, did a tour to Cape Point, visited the wineries of Stellenbosch and explored Robben Island. Then I joine...!
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Check out all the places seen in this video: South Africa has all of the features that travelers long for in a vacation destination: fine weather, gorgeous scenery, great beaches, modern accommodations and superb cuisine. The southern tip of Africa also offers an exotic array of once-in-a-lifetime adventures, from off-roading on a safari to diving with great white sharks. It’s hard to name another holiday destination that offers a...!
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Here are 5 things you need to know before booking a trip to Africa: 1) Do not let the flight prices discourage you (1:25) 2) Know the Seasons (2:21) 3) what type of trip are you planning? (5:10) 4) Travel to tourist friendly countries first (7:33) 5) Visas and Vaccinations (9:00) In the video, I am speaking in broad terms. There’s 54 countries in Africa and most are very different from one another. Regarding the 1st tip, most countries in Africa are budget friendly, but there are some that a...!
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My first trip to Africa was a 5 week adventure through South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia. captured in this travel documentary. This second episode sees me continue my G Adventures Tour towards Victoria falls. My journey continues in Ghanzi learning the traditional ways of the bushmen. Driving along the elephant highway we then explore Okavango Delta by scenic flight and boat. At Chobe River National Park we go on a sunset boat cruise and find ourselves surrounded by wildlife. The ...!
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Africa. The continent that never ceases to amaze me. My travels had taken me to southern Africa in the past but I was keen to explore west Africa. When cheap return flights for £170 per person became available to The Gambia, I couldnt have been more excited! It was the perfect opportunity to get my first taste of Africas west coast. The Gambia is the smallest country on the African continent and is bordered on all sides by the country of Senegal, except for the west side which meets the Atlant...!
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Early 2018 we travelled to Benin for the Hunger Project. They celebrated their 10 year anniversary in this beautiful country, working hand in hand with locals towards a sustainable end of world hunger. At the end of our trip we got 2 days of to see a bit of the country. Visiting Ganvie in lake Nokoue, and walking the route of the slaves. Which is very impressive! Of course we missed out on a lot as well, not being able to see some of the wildlife in the north. There is much more to explore! ...!
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I spent the last 7 months on this beautiful continent, where I have never set a foot on before. Check out the highlights of my trips in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, La Reunion, Mauritius (and a tiny bit of Dubai). Follow the journey on instagram @raminborn for more short edits of the different locations. Music Credits: Jai Wolf - Starlight (4AM Remix) Filmed with: DJI Mavic, Lumix GH4, GoPro Hero 4...!
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In this vlog we visited Abidjan, Ivory Coast. We knew this was going to be more so one of our chill countries because we personally just wanted to relax before we headed to Nigeria! Hopefully you guys enjoy this vloggy vlog!! Dont Forget to Subscribe! New Vlogs Every Monday & Friday! My Amazon Store: 🎥Subscribe to Main Channel: 🎥Subscribe to Couples Channel: ...!
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► SUBSCRIBE for daily travel videos: ► INSTAGRAM? Join me: WOAH this was a crazy fun video to make! Welcome to my 187th country, the Central African Republic. Yes, that means I have just 10 countries left! Central African Republic is a nation that many people havent heard of before, so I am excited to be in a position to put it on the map. Ive explore the ins and outs of Bangui, the capital city, and its full of surprises. Jo...!
Channel Title : Drew Binsky Views : 564305 DisLikes : 205 Published Date :2018-03-02T05:27:42Z Planning a trip to Africa? Watch this video! I am wrapping up my 2 month trip to 15 countries in Africa - from Swaziland to Somaliland and (literally) every country in between. It has been an incredible and life changing trip, and I am already planning my next one! In this video, I give you my absolute best tips, tricks & advice if you are planning a trip to Africa. Please comment with any additional questions you may have, and Ill get back to you! TEXT...!
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Its our last day in The Gambia. So far our time in The Gambia has been nothing but pleasant and we have felt unusually safe in the small African country. I could certainly see why The Gambia is often referred to as The Smiling Coast of Africa. When I landed in The Gambia I didnt have many expectations. However, the people of The Gambia were leaving a strong impression of me. In this vlog, we journey to Sanyang beach, on the west coast of The Gambia where we run into a heart-stopping encounter.....!
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My 5-day trip to Central African Republic. Bangui Boali Mbaike...!
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Only for Ten dollars ($ 10 USD), you can see My Uncensored Travel Videos and i had Revealed all Secrets. How I meet Girls all over The world and many more things in details. Website Link : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Song Credit: Song Used : Revoic - Khogaya Ft. Raveena Paul Listen it here: --------------------------------------------------------------------...!
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Travel video about destination East Africa. East Africa is one of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes in the world and its magnificent wilderness and fascinating wildlife is one of the few remaining unspoiled regions on earth. Lake Naivasha is the ideal habitat for both the rare Fish Eagle and African Eagle, thus it is a perfect location from which to observe these fascinating birds. Due to its rich variety of wildlife and the spectacular beauty of its landscape Kenya is one of Africa’s...!
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Ever wondered where the affordable and fascinating spots to visit in Africa are? I (Funmi Oyatogun - TVP Adventures) sat with Sam Adeleke (Afrotourism) and Lola Daniyan (Unravelling Nigeria) to share some of our favorite places! Follow the tips we share on Travel Hacks and travel better! Instagram and Twitter (@TVPAdventures). Website (!
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cycling aroun africa/ travelingaround africa #travel #traveling #africa #cycling #biketraveling #cyclingaroundafrica Page facebook: instagram : yassine_es.qalli...!
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The Ghanaian principle of sankofa says that ‘to know where you’re going, you have to understand where you have come from’ – and it guides Birthright AFRICA, an ambitious US programme that encourages black teenagers and young adults to get in touch with their cultural heritage and history through education and travel. Since 2017 Birthright AFRICA has helped send dozens of people to US museums, cultural sites and universities that highlight the traditions, experiences and innovations of t...!
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SWITCH TO HD! My Trip to Cape Town South Africa Travel Vlog! GoPro Hero HD Related Tags, Travel Africa, Summer Travel Vlog, Trip to Africa, Bucket List Travel, Table Mountain, Robben Island, Cape Point, Boulders Beach, Lions Head, Signal Hill, Safari, Afternoon Tea, High Tea, Mount Nelson, Two Oceans, Bo Kaap, Gold Restaurant, African Drum Lessons, Camps Bay Beach, Chapmans Peak, Beau Constantia, Groot Constantia, Things to do in Cape Town South Africa, Things to do in South Africa, Countries ...!
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This is part 2 of my trip to South Africa (Cape Town!). It was my first time visiting and I had an amazing experience. Check out part one of my trip in Johannesburg South Africa if you havent already and dont forget to subscribe so you dont miss my other videos! Follow me on social! Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Jessica Franklin...!
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The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a vast, mineral rich country the size of Western Europe. Alastair Leithead takes an epic journey from the Atlantic Ocean to the far reaches of the Congo river to explore how history has shaped the Congo of today and uncover the lesser told stories of this beautiful, if troubled country. In the largest rainforest outside of the Amazon he comes face to face with its gorillas and hunts with pygmies, he travels into the heart of the Ebola outbreak with Unite...!
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PART 1: This video takes you to a Tribal Market in Omo Valley where Banna & Hamar tribes meet and sell things (like animals, cereals, honey, beer, shoes, butter, coffee, chairs, clothes, etc.), exchange information or news, give invitations to each other for weddings, etc. Part 2 of this video will be uploaded soon! Follow me on instagram: paramvir_beniwal My Action Camera: My phone for recording: My T...!
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Travel To South Africa | Full History And Documentary About South Africa In Urdu & Hindi | جنوبی افریقا کی سیر Video URL: ############################## Related Video ############################## Travel To Tanzania | Full History And Documentary About Tanzania In Urdu & Hindi | تنزانيہ کی سیر Travel To Kuwait | Full History And Documentary About Kuwait In Urdu & Hindi | کویت کی س...!
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Heres part 2 of my South Africa travel vlog. Walking with lions at the Ukutula conservation center and it was so surreal to be so close to these incredible animals. I will never forget this experience!!! Just watching this makes me scared haha and looking back if I fully knew what was gonna happen I probably would have not been able to do enjoy this thrilling video as I talk you on a walk with lions in the savannah. Subscribe to me:!
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Travel well in Cape Town! We spent two awesome days exploring Cape Town for the first time as part of @Singapore Airlines #SquadSQ and, you guys, it wasnt what we thought it would be! *Cue dramatic music* Where we stayed: ➲ The Tree House Boutique Hotel ➲ Know before you go ➲ SUBSCRIBE! If you found this video useful (or entertaining), wed be grateful if you considered using the affiliate links below. Well make a small...!
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Cape Town – On South Africa’s Cape Peninsula, the waters of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans converge alongside the cultures of the city. Explore Cape Town with this footage fuel your travel inspiration. When ready, browse vacation packages to Cape Town: Begin your #CapeTown adventure at The Castle of Good Hope, the centerpoint from which the city grew. While on #vacation here, don’t miss the District Six Museum which ...!
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Taking a tour around Stone Town which is located on the island of Zanzibar. Zanzibar is a united country that is apart of Tanzania. The whole country of Zanzibar is Beautiful. It gave me a great feeling of being there. The magical Turquoise blue waters and the white sand beaches and palm trees make the place stand out over other places that Ive been. While in stone town I met up with a tour guide while getting off the ship. His name is Muhammad. He agreed to show me around the city before I ...!
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Friends! BIG SUPRISE: We are in Malawi this Safari Sunday! ROBIN POPE SAFARIS invited us to visit three of their camps and we are beyond excited to discover this beautiful piece of Earth and share it with you today. Lots of love from Africa, Gesa Work with me: Follow me: Book a safari:  Find all my vlog music here: (referral promotion) Order my book FRÜHSTÜCK MIT ELEFA...!
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Is This The Most Beautiful Place In Johannesburg, South Africa is a travel vlog of me exploring Tourism locations around Johannesburg, South Africa. I take you through things to do in Johannesburg, the Beautiful Hartbeespoort Dam, the lion park, and also some luxury living residence apartments that can be booked for travel vacations. Do like, watch and enjoy. WATCH NEXT: ○ Is this the most beautiful place in Nigeria Pt 1: ○ A Place You Wouldnt Believe Exists in ...!
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Visit beautiful Tanzania. From the Ngorongoro Crater to Zanzibar Island....!
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Travel Documentary Showcasing Mozambiques Top Travel Destinations....!
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Our trip to South Africa and Kenya was so incredible! The elephants, giraffes, scuba diving, culture and most of all, the people made this an unforgettable trip. Cant wait to go back and explore more of Africa! SUBSCRIBE - COME SAY HI :) Instagram - Twitter - Tumblr - Snapchat - RayaWasHere The amazing people in this video: Louis - An...!
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John’s at it again! This time, he’s exploring the beautiful country of South Africa in all its glory - between bungee jumping, animal spotting, surfing, and cave exploration, follow along with John, TourRadar, and Hotspots2c as we get to the bottom of what makes South Africa truly amazing. Fair warning: you’re going to want to start packing your bags when you see the amazing adventures you can have here! South Africa is all about outdoor adventures, and John doesn’t shy away from any of...!
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Phalaborwa Travel and Tourism in Limpopo South Africa. Welcome to the wide-open spaces of Ba-Phalaborwa Municipality, situated in north-eastern South Africa. This area is undoubtedly the gem of the Limpopo Province, combining economic development and tourist appeal. The bush to beach route connects Phalaborwa with Mozambique through the Kruger National Park Phalaborwa gate. The route takes you on a journey through the Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Park and to the towns of Massingir, Chokwe ...!
Channel Title : WONDERFUL WILD Views : 4469 DisLikes : Published Date :2019-01-06T06:00:00Z
Happy Safari Sundays, guys and a very blessed new year! We are back in our natural environment - we are back in the bush! Spending a few days at our friends of Klaserie Drift Safari Camps, this is the first episode of two - filled with lots of wildlife, nature and smiley faces... this is where we are happiest. Lots of love from Africa, Gesa & Frank Find all my vlog music here: (referral promotion) Work with me: Follow me: https://www.insta...!
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Happy Safari Sundays, guys! We are going to Crooks Corner today and then we show you our favourite place in the Makuleke Concession: The Fevertree Forest. Lots of love from Africa, Gesa & Frank Find all my vlog music here: (referral promotion) Work with me: Follow me: Become a safari guide: Order my book FRÜHSTÜCK MIT ELEFANTEN here:!
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HELPFUL RHINO LINKS: Info & Poaching in numbers: The NGO I to donate to myself: Watch this documentary to understand the crisis: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Happy Safari Sundays, guys! We hope you had a peaceful Christmas and enjoy the rest of 2018. We have left Cape Town and find ourselves back in our natural environment: The peace an...!
Channel Title : WONDERFUL WILD Views : 7604 DisLikes : Published Date :2019-04-14T06:00:05Z
HAPPY SAFARI SUNDAYS, GUYS. The Ngorongoro Crater. What can we say? You just have to see it once in your lifetime. A big bucket list moment ticked off the list for us here in Tanzania, with a fascinating experience towards the end of the video: Meeting the Maasai tribe. Lots of love from Africa, Gesa & Frank Disclaimer: Thank you so much to WAYO AFRICA who hosted us on this trip to Manyara! Absolute legends! We can only recommend them and especially our guide James who made this safari unf...!
Channel Title : WONDERFUL WILD Views : 4103 DisLikes : Published Date :2019-05-12T06:00:02Z
Happy Safari Sundays! This week we are spending with NOMAD TANZANIA and visit their Lodge Kuro Tarangire - the place where the elephant lives. We hope you enjoy this episode! Lots of love from Africa, Gesa & Frank Work with me: Follow me: Book a safari: Find all my vlog music here: (referral promotion) Order my book FRÜHSTÜCK MIT ELEFANTEN here: (r...!
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In my second South Africa travel vlog I am headed to Durban where I visit the places & people that really changed my life! Enjoy! X Go Ahead!: --------------------------------------------------- ALSO WATCH My Pregnancy Journey - Relationship/TAGS - Motivational Talks - Medical School Series - Beauty & Hair - Bridal Series - ---...!
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#SouthAfrica #BudgetTravel #IndianTraveler South Africa Travel Vlog In Hindi | India to South Africa Travel | Africa On a Budget Namaste India, During December 2019 I planned to South Africa, I landed in Johannesburg and stayed with my host home for 2 days and left for the Garden Route towards Durban by bus. Durban I met with few travel friends thru couch surfing app. I spent my 2 days of Durban exploring the city and trying few local dishes. The next destination was one my dream place Coffee ...!
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Channel Title : Travel and Truth Views : 3992 DisLikes : 6 Published Date :2019-01-31T20:58:59Z
When planning a trip to Africa, the languages of the country will be a big part of the decision of which countries to visit. In this video, we talk about which countries in Africa speak English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish as foreign languages. Follow on all the social media platforms for more content on Africa and the Diaspora at: #TravelandTruth #Africa #TravelTips...!
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Experience the sights and sounds of one of South Africas unspoilt areas with its teeming wildlife, majestic mountains, indigenous forests, cascading waterfalls and the third largest canyon in the world, Mpumalanga. Visit one of the Big Five private game reserves and come face to face with the rare and magnificent king cheetah and enter the lions den to observe a feast for a king. Relive the excitement of the gold rush at Pilgrims Rest - the only town in South Africa to be declared an historical ...!
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For more Wildlife Documentaries for more Photos... African Wildlife HD Part 2 - The wildlife of Africa is the worlds greatest heritage, drawing millions of visitors from around the globe to the legendary game parks and the Kruger Park is easily the best place to experience it all. With the greatest diversity of species in Africa, and easy accessibility, the park is an Eden where eve...!

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